Powering sensors by vibration

When it comes to sensors that are wireless or inaccessible there arises the question of supplying them with power in a sustainable manner. The EU SYMPHONY project is dedicated to resolving this question and aims to develop a power supply platform for wireless sensor nodes. The focus is not just on the potential for autonomous power systems, but also on how to make them sustainable. JOANNEUM RESEARCH is researching improvements to a polymer that is capable of converting kinetic energy from mechanical vibrations or rotation into electrical energy.

€ 12 billion for IPCEI European Battery Innovation

In the context of the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) program, the European Commission has approved a second major research and innovation project within the scope of value-added chain for batteries. Bringing together 42 partners from 12 member states, the team for European Battery Innovation project has set itself the objective of revolutionising the battery market. A total funding of €12 billion is being mobilised to achieve this purpose. Out of the 6 Austrian partners, it is particularly pleasing to see that three come from Styria: AVL, Rosendahl Nextrom and Varta Micro Innovation.

#GIS2021 – Global Innovation Summit 2021

The Global Innovation Summit 2021, the flagship event of the Austrian EUREKA chairmanship will take place between the 18th and 20th of May 2021 and will be streamed live from Graz. The green and digital transformations are the major discussion topics. In addition, reconstructing economies and international cooperation after the coronavirus crisis will play a central role. The Global Innovation Summit 2021 offers a unique possibility for businesses, international funders and researchers to network, exchange ideas and develop new business opportunities. The Green Tech Cluster Session “From Green Deal to Green Lead” will highlight opportunities, start-ups and innovation boosters.

NRGkick Connect – the solar fuel tank

Use your own solar power to charge an electric vehicle and thus take another step towards climate-friendly mobility. The NRGkick mobile charging unit and cable, from the company DiniTech, has enabled location-independent charging at any power socket since 2015. By using the additional NRGkick Connect smart feature, it is now possible to charge using solar power via one of four potential strategies.

VERBUND X Accelerator

Together with you, VERBUND and its partners want to create solutions that shape the future of energy and infrastructure and secure the supply chain. Join forces with all these strong partners and help to develop innovative business solutions.

One-Stop-Shop-Recycling-Solutions for plastic

Hula-hoop tyres and waterballs provide children a varied summer. But what happens when they are discarded? With proper waste separation and recycling, the hula-hoop tyre becomes a flower pot. Energy and emissions are reduced via the product cycle and resources are used optimally. Plastic waste can also be used for even more…

Green Styrian disinfectant

Access to disinfectants is currently severely limited due to the COVID-19 situation, and demand is therefore high, particularly in hospitals and care facilities. To help alleviate the situation, a procedure has been modified in Styria by the company pro aqua. The key element is the SurfaceCleaner unit, in which flow cells equipped with diamond electrodes electrolyse ordinary water to produce disinfectant in different concentrations.

LEDs from bacteria

Gustav Oberdorfer, from Graz University of Technology, is a Protein Designer who is working together with researchers from Spain and Italy to produce environmentally friendly and inexpensive LEDs. The aim of the work is to use bacteria to develop completely new types of artificially fluorescent proteins that will subsequently be used in LEDs. Such proteins occur naturally in unmodified form in marine life, which uses these proteins as light sources, for hunting, communication and self-protection.

Idea Competition

Every year Science Park Graz organises the Start-up Idea Competition to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to realize their dreams.