NRGkick Connect – the solar fuel tank

Use your own solar power to charge an electric vehicle and thus take another step towards climate-friendly mobility. The NRGkick mobile charging unit and cable, from the company DiniTech, has enabled location-independent charging at any power socket since 2015. By using the additional NRGkick Connect smart feature, it is now possible to charge using solar power via one of four potential strategies.
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Nowadays everybody is talking about e-mobility. But it is not just the e-vehicle itself, but also the type of power generation that plays a critical role in climate-friendly transportation, as an e-vehicle can only fully exploit its benefits if it is driven using renewable energy.

NRGkick - The first mobile charging unit on the market that enables photovoltaic managed charging

Smart technology that allows charging with any electrical socket: This is the focus of the DiniTech company with its mobile charging unit NRGkick. Since 2015, this compact charging unit has made location-independent charging up to 22kW possible from any standard plug socket.

The charging unit has now been extended through the smart feature NRGkick Connect, which enables integration into a WiFi network, opening up a wide range of new functions. Inverters and the Sunny Home Manager intelligent control centre from the manufacturer SMA are now also supported with version 1.3 and above. Following on from Fronius, SMA is the second inverter manufacturer to be supported directly by NRGkick Connect.

This allows charging using solar power with one of four potential strategies:

  • Surplus loading: The electric vehicle only charges excess energy that would otherwise be fed into the grid; other household consumers have priority.
  • 100% sun: All the energy generated by the PV system is used for charging.
  • Supporting: Charging occurs with a freely selectable additional power from the grid, which is particularly useful for small PV systems.
  • Sunny Home Manager managed (with SMA systems)

The NRGkick Connect is plugged into a normal household socket near the NRGkick and connects to the NRGkick via Bluetooth and to the home network via WLAN. Set-up is very simple using a smartphone, with the App giving a step by step explanation of the procedure.


Martin Ferk
DiniTech GmbH
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