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Recycling to break the raw materials crisis: Innovation from southern Austria

Companies in the Green Tech Valley, Styria and Carinthia, are attempting to break the crisis through new and, in particular, energy-efficient sorting and recycling systems that use artificial intelligence.

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Green Tech Academy Austria: Styria establishes hub for green education and training

Styria is currently bundling together its educational program to ensure companies are ready for the green transition.

Microplastic measurement from the Valley

The Valley startup company Purency has developed software for microplastic analysis to detect how much and what type. It is intended for use in laboratories.

Ecological footprint at the touch of a button

When you are buying a product, how climate-friendly is it? This question can now be very easily answered at the touch of a button, due to a software tool.

Increased power output from EV batteries

In collaboration, the Valley Virtual Vehicle Consortium, the Materials Center Leoben, Varta Innovation and AVL List are currently seeking to increase the energy density of battery cells by 20 to 30 percent at 1,000 charges.

First German cement plant to use CO2 separator from the Valley

Graz-based ANDRITZ AG is supplying the first CO2 capture system to be used in Germany for climate-neutral cement production.

Climate Tech Startups Austria

The climate tech startup scene in Austria is expanding. This is indicated by the current status overview of Climate Tech Startups Austria 2022. There are over 120 green technology startups involved in innovative solutions for climate protection and the circular economy.

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