From Trash to Treasure

The aim is to produce regranulates of the same quality as virgin material. That requires innovative solutions. Two Jupiter 2200 and four Micromat 2000 shredders from Lindner Recyclingtech provide the recovery facility with the ideal particle size. More →




Recycling solutions in use worldwide

International technology Group ANDRITZ has landed two major recycling orders. The first order includes a complete recycling plant for tires in Germany, which processes used car and truck tires up to a maximum diameter of 1,200 mm and a width of 300 mm. The complete tire recycling process can produce about one ton of granules per hour. The second contract includes the delivery of a complete recycling plant for cooling equipment to the industrial giant Remondis in France. The resulting fractions such as iron, aluminum, copper, plastic and polyurethane are again fed directly into the economic cycle. More →




Distinguished Styrian solid-state battery

The first rechargeable PCB-mounted solid state battery "CeraCharge" from TDK Electronics in Deutschlandsberg has been awarded the prestigious "Superior Products and Services Award for Excellence" by the technology publishing house Nikkei. Up to 1000 charge and discharge operations without significant power losses can be performed with CeraCharge. Due to the special design (solid-state electrolytes), the risk of fires, explosions or leakage of liquid electrolytes is virtually eliminated. The ceramic battery prevailed against more than 20,000 new products and services. Deutschlandsberg is the headquarters of the TDK competence center for ceramic components and employs around 950 people. More →




Porsche Holding subsidiary MOON relies on NRGkick

Specializing in e-mobility, the Porsche subsidiary MOON relies on the know-how of the southern Styrian manufacturer DiniTech. Together, the mobile charging unit MOON2Go was developed, which is based on the Europe-wide established charging unit NRGkick. The complete set MOON2Go consists of the easy-to-use and intelligently controllable charging unit with up to 22kW, adapters for each standard socket and a bag. The flexibility of the system makes any power source accessible to electric vehicles. Thus, MOON2Go is the ideal charging solution at home and elsewhere. More →




New markets for Circular Economy

The year 2019 brings innovations for waste management due to the implementation of the European Directive on the Circular Economy. In addition to waste management know-how, transnational cooperation between companies and the public sector is required to implement them. The business delegation trip to Prague on 12th March, organized jointly with WKO Austria, facilitates this exchange. The aim is to present know-how in the field of circular economy of Austrian companies. More →




Full throttle = 140 tons of waste wood / hour

Railway sleepers are among the most difficult to process materials in the processing of waste wood, because they are made of very hard wood and are often misted with iron parts. This poses a particular challenge to the installed shaft systems in processing machines. Lindner Recyclingtech has a mobile twin-shaft shredder for exactly this requirement profile. The machine designed for high throughput rates can process up to 140 tonnes of waste wood per hour. The low fuel consumption is another advantage thanks to the efficient two-tower planetary gearbox. More →




Brings light into the darkness

The Styrian small business ecoliGhts is an expert in solar lighting systems. The team around company founder Georg Dietmaier specializes in alternative self-sufficient solutions for the municipal, commercial and private sectors. Currently, a project has been implemented in the Zillertal in Tyrol, in which autonomous street lighting was installed on 1.6 km path length. More →




Green Tech Jam 2019

Come and join us at the Green Tech Jam 2019 hosted by Green Tech Cluster Styria and the Graz University of Technology in cooperation with Green Tech companies. The theme is “Code & Concept for Green Tech”. The aim is to bring together students from different disciplines (coders, designers, developers, engineers, environmental system scientists, …) in interdisciplinary teams and to work on creative new solutions. The results will be presented in 10 minutes pitches in front of a professional jury. Prize money of € 5000 will be divided between the best 3 solutions! More →




Fast innovation

Innovating is changing: new products or services need to be developed faster and become more successful in the marketplace. With the new Plug & Play Innovation Box of the Green Tech Cluster, all companies can achieve this in just a few minutes. 20 handpicked tools according to the principles of Design Thinking and Lean Startup are prepared for immediate implementation. More →




China orders Styrian hydropower plants

ANDRITZ has received an order for the supply of four 350 MW reversible pump turbines and motor generators for the pumped storage hydro power station "ZhenAn" in China. The pump turbine units are designed for a drop height of 440 meters and will go to the grid until December 2023. With a total capacity of 1,400 MW, "ZhenAn" is the first pumped storage power plant in northwestern China. It is mainly used for peak load coverage, frequency regulation and reactive power compensation. In addition, the system serves as a standby reserve for emergencies and power failures. The order value is over 100 million euros. More →




New life for used batteries

The "Second Life" project, which is part of the Green Energy Lab, deals with the reuse of already used batteries from electric mobility. Second-life rechargeable batteries are combined into larger, stationary power storage units and are then used for peak shaving and for self-current optimization in the industrial sector. As a pilot project, a large-scale storage facility will be built and tested at two locations. This storage system will be operated on the basis of second-life batteries. More →




Record setting year for Komptech

Komptech can look back on the most successful year in the company's history. With a turnover of around 140 million euros, an increase of more than 20% over the previous year was achieved. During the same period, the number of employees at the Frohnleiten headquarters also rose by 25% to more than 200. Market success in North America, which accounts for around 25% of new machine sales, contributed to this development. The location in Frohnleiten will also be expanded. The expansion concerns above all the areas of research and development, after-sales and used and rental machines. More →




Opening of the unique Green Tech Hub

As a unique project in Austria, the new Green Tech Hub was opened in the Science Tower in Graz. On more than 400 m² it offers ideal conditions for growth and development especially for companies and start-ups who are active in the field of green technology. In addition, 14 environmental technology leaders such as ANDRITZ, Christof Industries or KWB will be accompanying the young entrepreneurs such as Levion, Invenium or NET-Automation with their know-how and launch joint innovation projects. This collaboration makes the Green Tech Hub a unique ecosystem and continues to drive growth at this hotspot. More →




New power & heat combined storage

A newly developed system at Graz University of Technology uses water as an electrical and thermal storage medium. The combined energy storage can provide up to 90% of our energy requirement without emissions. The idea is simple: The researchers combined the advantages of pumped storage technology and thermal energy storage with the energy carrier water and combined them in a "hot water pumped storage power plant". Another advantage: The low-emission power plant does not use up any space and does not interfere with the water balance of natural waters. More →




New separation technology for used plastics

New processes to recover plastics from waste fractions are currently very popular with industrial companies due to stricter EU directives. The Montanuniversität Leoben has now successfully put into operation a new pilot plant with a centrifugal force separator (ZKS). ZKS separation technology stands for a robust, compact and efficient system concept for wet density separation. The aim of the new system is to reduce losses in plastics recycling. The next step is to bring the technology to marketability. More →




Technology leaders are growing faster

This year's economic survey of the Styrian green tech industry shows impressively that research and development plays a key role in environmental technology: R & D spending by these companies increased by 8% to 418 million euros within one year. Innovative companies with high R & D expenditures grow 4 times faster than the average. These particularly strong research companies are even expecting a sales increase of almost 18% this year. There were records in the employment of 22,261 persons (+2.6%) and the turnover of 4.88 billion euros (+1.5%) - in each case only the pure environmental technology sectors are counted in the companies. The satisfaction of the partners with the Green Tech Cluster reached a new high with the grade 1.3 (excellent). More →




“All aboard” at the Green Tech Hub

The Green Tech Hub in the Graz Science Tower is Austria's # 1 hotspot for green start-ups. 15 technology leaders in environmental technology, such as ANDRITZ, Komptech, Siemens and Christof, are supporting the start-ups and are jointly implementing projects for growth. In addition, the start-up companies will be provided with fully equipped offices, as well as access to 12 communal offices for sharing, the Smart City Graz Innovation Room as a playground, and the Science Tower network. The first companies have already moved into the new premises. New start-ups and corporate start-ups can still apply to join, up till the official opening in November. More →




Largest hydroelectric power plant in Central Asia

International technology Group ANDRITZ is refurbishing and modernising the largest hydropower plant in Central Asia, in the Republic of Tajikistan. With a current output of 3,000 MW, it covers more than 70% of the national electricity demand. After installing the new 380 MW Francis turbines and generators, the power plant will have an additional 12% installed capacity. An essential part of the € 120 million contract is also taking into account the requirements for environmental protection and water management. More →




New power-to-gas process

The Montanuniversität Leoben is working with partners from industry and scientific research on new ways of storing surplus energy from regenerative energy sources that fluctuate strongly. By means of a power-to-gas process, renewable electricity can be stored in the form of chemical energy carriers, which are typically hydrogen or methane. While conventional power-to-gas systems are based on the electrolysis of water with an optional subsequent methanation step, the aim of the research is to combine the relatively recent technology of co-electrolysis of CO2 and H2O in solid oxide cells (SOECs) with catalytic methanation. More →




SOLID is the market leader in large solar cooling

Companies and public institutions around the world rely on solar cooling solutions supplied by the Styrian plant specialist SOLID. 7 of the 13 largest systems for solar cooling come from the “Green Mark” state, including the top three systems that have been installed between 2007 and 2017. Solar thermal cooling is an environmentally friendly alternative to refrigeration systems using compressors. The solar cooling works using pure water and lithium bromide salt without ozone depletion potential (ODP) and without greenhouse gases. More →



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