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Green Tech Summer Graz 2021

9 teams, 9 weeks, 9 workshop sessions. Today, Green Tech Summer, the Graz startup program for green business ideas, culminated in the presentation of their sustainable business models by 20 students from all over Austria. They have been working throughout the summer on their first own climate protection startup, with the aid of professional support.



Recycling in a container

ANDRITZ and LINETECHNOLOGY have entered into a collaboration to produce container-based recycling systems. The modular and flexibly configurable processing systems enable decentralised recycling and cost-effective processing of industrial residual waste fractions. The BLUELINE system is intended to address a new customer segment.

Biodiesel production from high risk fats

BDI-BioEnergy International, the Styria-based manufacturer of industrial plants for biodiesel production, has set new benchmarks with its RepCAT (Repeatable Catalyst) technology. Official European approval has now been given for the process, which is used to produce high quality biodiesel. It is completely safe, even though it is converted from high risk fat materials.

Forbes accolade for AI software company from the Valley

Connecting man and machine in perfect harmony: this is the vision that drives LEFTSHIFT ONE, a technology start-up based in Graz. The company provides support to other enterprises using artificial intelligence to automate and optimise processes, for which the Green Tech Valley partner has recently received the accolade, from the renowned Forbes magazine, of one of the top 30 AI companies in Europe.

Green hydrogen tank made from waste material

The University of Leoben is developing a new way of producing hydrogen tanks. It is based on using specially prepared activated carbon from organic waste and platinum. The objective is to be able to store the hydrogen without having to compress it to 700 bar, as is currently the case.

Lufthansa lowers kerosene consumption with shark skin

The Lufthansa cargo fleet is looking to reduce kerosene consumption by 3700 tonnes annually in the future. This improvement is achieved by covering the fleet aircraft with a surface film modelled on the skin of a shark. The Graz-based Green Tech Valley company bionic surface technologies GmbH is behind the development.

Celestial Ceramics from Carinthia

The Carinthia-based Treibacher AG, from the Green Tech Valley, is currently undertaking research into a solution for outer space. In collaboration with the University of Nottingham, the company is applying artificial intelligence to make rocket drives for space shuttles even more durable and also reusable. It is intended to achieve this through a special, ultra-thin insulating layer made of ceramic.

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