Efficient biomass for Japan

The international technology group ANDRITZ has been awarded a contract in Japan to supply a PowerFluid fluidised bed boiler including a flue gas cleaning system. The boiler, which is being installed some 200 km southwest of Tokyo, is part of a new biomass power plant for feeding green energy into the public power grid. The power plant is fired by wood pellets and palm kernel shells as the primary fuels and will deliver around 75 MWe of electricity. More →




Revolutionary drilling technology

Working together with other European partners, the Montanuniversität Leoben has developed a revolutionary drilling technology to enable geothermal energy to be used for generating electricity and heat. It achieves this by combining conventional roller chisel technology with water jet cutting technology. This doubles the drilling speed while at the same time reducing costs by about 20%. As opposed to the majority of other renewable energy sources, electricity produced from geothermal energy is suitable for base load power generation. More →




Deep learning teams up with robotics

EVK, the image processing specialist, and the Swedish company OP Teknik have jointly developed a solution for the efficient sorting of construction and demolition waste. By combining hyperspectral imaging technology with a deep learning approach from EVK together with robot technology from OP Teknik, a flexible system has been created for high material throughput with high sorting accuracy. More →




The Island Solution

Guernsey – a popular holiday destination in the middle of the English Channel that somehow belongs to but is simultaneously separate from the United Kingdom and once inspired Victor Hugo. To preserve this idyll, the Bailiwick’s waste management relies on the production of solid recovered fuels (SRF) and technology by Lindner. More →




New reactor concept for hydrogen production

In collaboration with other partners, the Graz based BEST Competence Centre has developed a reactor concept, in which hydrogen is generated from wood waste with low energy consumption. Production and conditioning of the gas is carried out in one process step using special membranes. This 2-in-1 reactor enables a gas-liquid reaction at much lower temperatures, reduced energy consumption and lower emission values of up to 40% less. More →




Exclusive deal with world market leader

JR-AquaConSol has been awarded a full-service contract for the production, distribution and service of the lysimeters by METER, the global market leader in this field. By measuring the soluble contents in groundwater, a lysimeter helps respond to new environmental conditions by capturing the interactions between the atmosphere, plants, soil, wildlife and the groundwater. This is a new business area that will create additional jobs in Graz and bring an anticipated boost in sales of several million euros. More →




Idea Competition

Every year Science Park Graz organises the Start-up Idea Competition to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to realize their dreams. More →




Using heat and lances against pollutants

The Leoben based GM Remediation Systems is remediating polluted industrial wastelands with environmentally friendly heat lances. The lances are submerged up to 20 metres below the surface and heated to around 1,200 degrees. As a result, the pollutants in the ground evaporate and are then channelled through suction systems to catalytic converters where they are cleaned. Previously, areas of contaminated ground have been cleaned by excavation or by the use of chemical or biogenic substances. More →




EVK entered the Italian market

The Austrian EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH, the expert company for industrial image processing in the sorting and monitoring of piece goods and bulk materials in the food, recycling and mining industries, has signed a contract with CFC Electronic S.r.l. a new partner offering industrial image processing solutions to the Italian market. More →




Compact and lossless heat storage

An international consortium headed by AEE INTEC from Gleisdorf, together with partners that include EDF (FR), Vaillant (G) and TNO (NL) among others, has developed a new type of heat storage battery. The heat storage system based on thermochemical materials, which has already been put into operation in Warsaw (PL), facilitates the cost effective, compact and lossless storage of seasonal heat in existing buildings. The secret lies in the modular design of the prismatic storage module, which allows the available volume in a building to be used up to 20% more effectively than with the current type of cylindrical modules used. Granulated potassium carbonate (K2CO3) is used as the heat storage medium, which ensures improvements in performance, stability and energy density. More →




Algae Oil to Biodiesel: A Practical Application

Within the All-Gas Project of Europe’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, BDI-BioEnergy International demonstrates algae oil extraction, characterization and conversion to biodiesel using its RepCat process. More →




Green energy from sewage sludge

The first plant for the safe disposal and conversion of sewage sludge into pure hydrogen is being built in south west China using Austrian know-how. The technology, jointly developed by BEST and the Vienna University of Technology, has a positive double effect. Firstly, thermal heat treatment destroys harmful substances such as hormones or pathogens. Secondly, pure hydrogen is also obtained, which can be used for fossil-free energy supply. More →




Europe’s largest solar module production

Recently, Energetica Photovoltaic Industries has started up a new solar module production plant in Carinthia that is not only the largest in Europe, but also one of the most modern plants in the world. The plant, covering 63,000 square metres and employing some 100 staff, manufactures solar modules with an output capacity of one gigawatt per year. When fully developed, production at the “Zero Emissions Factory” will be supplied with energy from a photovoltaic and battery storage power plant as well as a biomass power plant. More →




Schrott24 takes over METALSALE

Schrott24 has recently acquired METALSALE, which is the largest trading platform for non-ferrous metals with a monthly turnover of around one million Euro. The acquisition is an important milestone in the further digitalisation of the metal recycling market. Schrott24 has steered a growth course right from its foundation in 2016, and actively supports EU-wide initiatives to increase the rate of recycling metals and consequently reduce the dependence on energy-intensive extraction of primary raw materials. More →




A world first in solar seawater desalination

Siemens Austria has produced and installed the world's first large-scale, solar-powered desalination plant. The plant in Saudi Arabia is controlled according to the solar energy available, in order that the highest possible proportion of renewable energy is used for water desalination. Along with the electrical, monitoring and control technology, Siemens also supplied the transformers for the power supply system. A further eight seawater desalination plants using Siemens technology are already planned. More →




Climate protection yields growth

This year’s economic survey carried out by the Styrian green-tech industry shows that climate protection and economic growth don’t contradict each other. Record numbers were reported in terms of employment with employment figures exceeding 25,000 people for the first time (+7.5 %) and turnover which for the first time exceeded 5 billion Euros (+3.66 %) This equates to roughly 11 % of the regional gross economic product. Green technologies are also a veritable export hit: More than 96 % of machines are sold to foreign countries and used to save more than 550 million tonnes of CO2 around the world. That’s 40 times more than the region emits. 20 % of global green power are produced with Styrian technology in the form of hydro-power, biomass systems and solar panels. More →




Greta is assisted by Styrian technologies

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York on the zero-emission, ocean-going yacht “Malizia II”. The on-board solar power system was specially made by the Graz company, Sailectron. The system uses curved solar panels, but instead of a thick glass surface they use a thin plastic layer, which also allows the panels to be walked on. Another special feature is the integrated bypass diodes and control system, which enables the solar system to work at a high efficiency despite the shadow cast by the sails. More →




Solar cells for the future

Renewable energy is not just a passing trend, it is also an essential element in achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and emitting less CO2. Solar cells are already part of the landscape of the future as an energy source, but just how efficient and sustainable are they in reality? Researchers at the MATERIALS - Institute of Surface Technologies and Photonics at JOANNEUM RESEARCH, are developing new solar cells that generate energy with up to 50 percent greater efficiency than conventional solar cells More →




Green power for Tanzania

The Austrian company RP Global has installed and commissioned a total of 11 photovoltaic plants and more than 180 km of low and medium voltage grid networks in Tanzania with its joint venture JUMEME. This will enable 20 villages with a total population of more than 80,000 inhabitants to be supplied with electricity for the first time. Above all, the availability of clean electricity for homes, schools, hospitals and businesses should act as a driver for local economic activity. More →




Largest network of green startups

Graz is a hotspot of green technology startups. The fresh ideas range from self-consumption optimization of photovoltaic systems, sensor technology for wind power to bird protection films that are invisible to the human eye. More than 40 start-ups are developing projects for a future worth living in the Green Tech Cluster. This makes the Styrian cluster the largest network of green start-ups in Austria. More →



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