Welcome to Green Tech Valley,
the #1 Global Hotspot for
Climate and Circular Solutions

Green Tech Valley is located in the south of Austria and is internationally regarded as the hotspot for innovative energy and environmental technology. Here, the Green Tech Cluster initiates growth through innovation. Within the cluster, around 250 companies and research institutions are shaping the green solutions of the future. With 20 global technology leaders within an hour’s drive, the location forms one of the highest concentrations of companies in this industry.

Solutions-Highlights from the Valley

brainchain AG

Overcome technology gaps

We help you to close technological gaps on your innovation roadmap, e.g. by having access to over 300,000 patents of multinational companies and the specific expertise of their inventors.

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SLOC Waste Collection

The SLOC Waste Collection Portal is a web-based application that enables dynamic route planning based on the fill level information of the SLOC Waste Bin.

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BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH

GreenTech Process Solution

Decades of experience in R&D and plant construction as well as our own technical center offer the ideal conditions for developing and implementing new technologies from laboratory scale to turnkey industrial plants.

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Services for Cluster partners

Green Tech Valley Research Map

Southern Austria is an extremely fertile breeding ground for the development of green innovation. This is shown by the brand new Green Tech Valley Research Map.

H2 Research Map

Research into green hydrogen technologies is taking off. Find your next H2 research partner in Austria and Europe with the H2 Research Map.

Green Tech Summer

9 teams, 9 weeks, 9 workshop sessions.

Green Tech Summer ist the startup program in the City of Graz for green business ideas. International students from Austrian universities develop their sustainable business models throughout the summer and present their first own climate protection startup. Supported by the aid of professional support. The winning team gets up to € 6.000 as a starting boost.

Green Tech Jam

“Code & Concept for Green Tech”

Students from different disciplines (coders, designers, developers, engineers, environmental system scientists, …) in interdisciplinary teams are working on creative new solutions for the Green Tech sector. This interdisciplinary student hackathon is held yearly. See, how you can participate next time.

The European Green Deal

Our Green Deal infographic explains in short the most relevant info about the EU Green Deal possibilities and supplies you with the basic facts.

A sustainable future with GREENOVET

GREENOVET will foster the development of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Excellence in Green Innovation across Europe.

Green Tech Magazine, Nov 2021

The Green Tech Magazine in November shows that climate protection and economic growth go hand in hand in the Green Tech Valley.

A sustainable future with GREENOVET

GREENOVET will foster the development of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Excellence in Green Innovation across Europe.

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The Cluster:
Benefits for Partners

As an innovation driver and trend scout, the cluster provides technology radars, market opportunities, project development, startup collaborations, The Plug & Play Innovation Box, Data Service Cards and individual company workshops.