Climate Tech Startups Austria

The climate tech startup scene in Austria is expanding. This is indicated by the current status overview of Climate Tech Startups Austria 2022. There are over 120 green technology startups involved in innovative solutions for climate protection and the circular economy.

Climate Tech Startups Austria 2022 – Over 120 green tech startups from Austria at a glance

The collaborative initiative between the Green Tech Cluster and the startup Glacier presents the Austrian startup scene in the green tech sector under: The solutions span a full range of sectors, from energy, mobility, food and building, to the digital and circular economy.

“The Green Tech Valley, in the south of Austria, is a special fertile region for green innovations. The ecosystem is growing and climate protection is becoming more dynamic”, comments Bernhard Puttinger, Managing Director of the Green Tech Cluster. Andreas Tschas, CEO and co-founder of Glacier, also sees an upward trend: “In our work, we recognize how much potential there is throughout the entire climate tech scene in Austria. It is, therefore, important that we continue to bring these technologies and solutions centre stage through Climate Tech Startups Austria 2022.”

Green innovations, from Graz to Vienna, via Salzburg

ANYWHERE.SOLAR, based in Salzburg, for example, is dedicated to the development of innovative PV mounting systems for dual use of car parking spaces and agricultural land. The mission of the k3lab, based in Graz, is to make recycling in rural areas easier and more efficient with an all-in-one sorting machine for packaging material. enspired is a Viennese startup, which enables companies to sell internal flexibility in energy consumption through the short-term electricity market.

Growing momentum

In comparison to the previous year, the focus has been on technology-based startups, with a further increase in numbers up to 126. The map contains 30 new startups. The majority of startups are to be found under the sections on Energy (23%), Food & Agriculture (22%) and Circular (19%). Some 29% have been founded within the last 24 months, with a focus on circular solutions at 31%.

40% of the companies are based in Vienna, 24% in Styria and 15% in Lower Austria. Measured against the total number of startups nationally (cf. Austrian Startup Monitor), these 126 companies account for around 5%. Styria is the hotspot for green tech startups, with almost twice the average density, followed by Lower Austria and Carinthia.


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