150,000 t CO2 savings: New CTP nitrous oxide reduction plant

A new solution from CTP for the combined purification of organic pollutants and nitrogen oxides, RTO-i-SCR, has been switched on in Antwerp. The specialty chemicals group, LANXESS, uses the plant for the reduction of nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas. This is harmless to humans, but 300 times more harmful to the environment […]

Next generation water treatment

The fluvicon company has developed a robust membrane process, called Ionosmosis, which challenges the status quo in the field of water treatment. Its allows lean drinking or service water to be produced from untreated water of almost any quality.

Meet Bertrand Piccard in the Green Tech Valley

A complete body of pioneers has paved the way in establishing what we, today, refer to as the Green Tech Valley: a global hotspot for climate protection and circular solutions, which is unparalleled in terms of the high density of innovators and range of expertise.

Innovative energy concept for Helsinki

As a leading city in the energy transition to a sustainable future, Helsinki aims to become CO2 neutral by 2035. To achieve this goal, the city decided to launch a competition in February 2020: The Helsinki Energy Challenge.

1,000 MW PV and wind power projects in Poland

Renewables have steadily gained in importance in Poland in recent years. RP Global has been present in Poland for over 15 years, having already developed and built wind farms there.

100% green heating power for Leibnitz

Together with the city of Leibnitz, the local district heating utilities, Nahwärme Tillmitsch, Bioenergie Leibnitzerfeld and Biowärme Holler, are pursuing a common goal: to supply district heating to Leibnitz residents with 100% renewable energy. In order to achieve their objectives, a wide ranging set of measures are being implemented to increase the flexibility of the […]