World firsts from Green Tech Valley rock the circular economy

16 companies from Green Tech Valley demonstrated their international strength in recycling and the circular economy with innovations and world firsts at IFAT Munich.
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From lasers that target aluminum scrap to the TEXtil shredder where the “shreds fly”, from sink-float sorting that works “dry” to sludge dewatering with innovative presses: 16 companies from Green Tech Valley demonstrated their international strength for recycling and the circular economy with innovations and world firsts at IFAT Munich.

The figures are impressive: On an area equivalent to 42 soccer pitches, 3,100 exhibitors presented themselves to 120,000 visitors from 150 countries at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technology in Munich. International experts, the media, science and research were eagerly awaiting the new products in particular. 16 companies from Green Tech Valley, the south of Austria, provided plenty of “material”, demonstrating their innovative strength with their world firsts.

Laser, shredder & sludge dewatering

The stage was set at IFAT for the Equalizor. With this new addition to the “shredder family”, Komptech is also launching the new “Industrial” line of machines. ANDRITZ will also be shredding with the innovative ADuro shredders. The high-tech Group will also be presenting its latest solutions for the efficient recycling of refrigerators and textiles as well as for the processing of substitute fuels and residual materials in Munich. For example, with the latest development from ANDRITZ Separation, the C-Press. This is based on over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of screw presses and enables unattended sludge dewatering operation with very low energy and maintenance costs.

Aluminum is valuable and can be recycled very easily. In the case of the latter, the removal of impurities and the allocation of alloys is decisive for efficiency. With CLARITY LIBS, Binder+Co has created a solution where aluminum scrap can be precisely separated into different alloy classes by means of a laser and thus fed into a first-class recycling process.

Where “shreds fly”

REDWAVE presented a completely new sorting solution for textiles at IFAT. “REDWAVE lets the shreds fly,” explains the company, “from thongs to winter jackets, REDWAVE TEX sorts the materials according to predefined parameters and can fulfill two main tasks: sorting whole garments for reuse and sorting shredded textiles for further industrial processing.” LINETECHNOLOGY also focuses on sorting and presents SORT FLUID, “an innovative dry sink-float sorting system with an integrated dosing hopper. This ground-breaking technology sets new standards in the purity of dry sorting of light and heavy metals”.

How AI is revolutionizing waste management

Saubermacher’s focus is on Smart Waste, above all the use of the innovative Smart Collection platform for optimized waste logistics and new services relating to the recyclables scanner for analysis and feedback on waste separation quality in waste containers using artificial intelligence. As a subsidiary of Saubermacher, will also have its own stand at IFAT and present (digital) solutions, e.g. for mandatory sustainability reporting. Ralf Mittermayr, CEO Saubermacher, is convinced: “Digital solutions, sensor technologies and AI have now arrived in almost all areas and are revolutionizing waste management. I am delighted that the most innovative ideas in the industry were presented at IFAT and that we can learn from each other and grow together.”

Together with parent company JCOPLASTIC and for the first time with BIOLOGIC, EUROPLAST presented innovative approaches for practical applications in the circular economy and CO2-neutral production. Together with partner emz-Hanauer, SLOC presented the equally practical and intelligent combination of fill level measurement and digital access control, while SAMsoric used HSD Heat Source Detection for the early detection of fire hazards, particularly with lithium-ion batteries. And CTP Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik presented its latest and highly efficient technologies for exhaust air purification at IFAT in Munich.

IFE Aufbereitungstechnik put the spotlight on its new i-STEP product line, which represents a major step towards digitally optimized processing plants, while Matjaz Novak, CEO of EVK DI Kerschhaggl, invited attendees to take a closer look: “In the live demonstration, visitors to IFAT were able to experience how we use our EVK HELIOS hyperspectral camera to classify a wide variety of materials in real time, based on their chemical composition, and how we quantitatively analyze materials in order to assess the moisture content of waste-derived fuels directly in the production line, for example. “

Lindner Recyclingtech brought two new products to Munich: the new, stationary universal shredder with twin-shaft technology, which is primarily aimed at waste wood, industrial and commercial waste and scrap applications, and the electrically powered semi-mobile single-shaft shredder with a self-sufficient drive for the tracked chassis.

Green Tech Valley is a research hotspot

The high number of innovations from Green Tech Valley at IFAT is not surprising given the research that is concentrated here. With the MUL Montanuniversität Leoben, dozens of companies are working on the circular economy solutions of tomorrow, particularly in the ReWaste-F competence center project. Project manager Renato Sarc: “In recent years, numerous pioneering innovations and world firsts in the sorting, processing and recycling of special waste streams have been produced here.”

Florian Laczkovits, Project Manager Digitalization ANDRITZ Recycling, also underlines this: “As part of our participation in Rewaste-F, the test series take place at the ANDRITZ Recycling Technology Center (ART Center) in St. Michael. These include a variety of technical innovations, including our proven ADuro shredder technology, which offers suitable shredding solutions for various tasks.



Veronika Pranger
Green Tech Valley – Communications

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