Valley Technology: Green H2 from landfill gas

Germany is building on expertise from the Green Tech Valley for the production of green hydrogen. An example of this is the waste management association Bergische Abfallwirtschaftsverband, which has recently put a pilot research reactor into operation, for the production of H2 from landfill gas, in collaboration with the Graz startup Rouge H2 Engineering. Testing is currently underway.

Green hydrogen – creating energy from waste

The targets for CO2 savings for North Rhine-Westphalia are huge. To achieve this objective, the state is currently conducting tests on a decentralized direct generation of high-purity hydrogen from landfill gas. The sources of green energy thereby obtained are to be used more extensively in the future. The intention is to use them in CHP plants or the mobility sector, in particular for refueling fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, such as those used for refuse collection or regional bus lines.

Hydrogen production from methane

With the assistance of a technology process called Chemical Looping, green hydrogen is generated from the methane content (45 vol%) of landfill gas. First, the emissions are collected in a landfill degassing plant and then the gas is converted into electrical energy using a downstream engine. The aim of the collaborative project is to test out the conversion and to investigate the potential influence of landfill gas components on hydrogen production in a real gas operation. As soon as the pilot phase has been successfully completed, the partners intend to implement a large-scale demonstrator.


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