Smart waste disposal

The Graz-based Know-Center, the Saubermacher AG company and the Styrian startup SLOC have developed an intelligent software solution to determine the optimum routes, pick-up times and frequencies for waste disposal, resulting in CO2 savings.
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Smart waste logistics, less CO2

Almost 4.3 million tonnes of waste are attributed to Austrian households every year. In order to be able to handle such quantities in an environmentally friendly manner, three Valley Partners, the Know-Center, Saubermacher and SLOC, have jointly developed a custom-made, scalable software, which assists the cost-effective and climate-friendly transport of waste transport. “Up to 20 percent of the CO2 emissions can be saved, on each tonne of waste collected per annum. Automated scheduling helps us to reduce costs and improve human resource planning,” explains Ralf Mittermayr, CEO of Saubermacher AG.

Feedback provided by waste bins

Whereas previously containers were just emptied according to a strict schedule, they are now often equipped with sensors that report the actual, current fill level. From the sequence of fill levels over time, the software determines the latest date on which the container must be emptied and suggests the optimum collection route, i.e., the order in which to empty full containers for the least overall collection time. This improves the quality of service, as the container no longer overflows and waste is not deposited next to it. Unnecessary collection routes, as well as time and resources are saved. The software solution is already being used successfully in Carinthia, Styria and Lower Austria.


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