Sensor technology for Scandinavian wind farm

Eologix, the technology company based in Graz, has landed a major contract in Scandinavia. By the end of the year, this Valley Partner will have equipped a wind farm of 130 turbines with ice sensors, which will improve performance.
© eologix

Ice-free and full power throughout the winter

Two-thirds of wind energy is generated during the winter. It is essential that the blades of wind turbines are kept free from ice, to ensure sufficient electricity output is maintained, even in the cold season. And thanks to sensor technology from Styria, this is now possible even in Scandinavia. By measuring the surface temperature of the wind turbine blades, Eologix ice sensors detect icing. They either ensure that blade heating is activated in good time or that the system starts up automatically when it is free of ice again.

The dizzy heights of installation

Retrofitting existing wind turbines is not without risk. Professional climbers have to be used to fit the turbines with the sensors. Completion of installation in Scandinavia is anticipated by the end of 2022. As Managing Director Thomas Schlegl explains: Since its foundation, Eologix has already upgraded 500 wind turbines and installed 5,000 sensors, primarily in Europe, and continues to pursue its objective of “making renewable energy more attractive and economically viable”. This year, going beyond the European market, the company also intends to expand into the USA. 


Thomas Schlegl
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