Recycling in a container

ANDRITZ and LINETECHNOLOGY have entered into a collaboration to produce container-based recycling systems. The modular and flexibly configurable processing systems enable decentralised recycling and cost-effective processing of industrial residual waste fractions. The BLUELINE system is intended to address a new customer segment.

Flexible, container-based recycling systems

The international technology group ANDRITZ has signed a cooperation agreement for container-based recycling systems with the Austrian company LINETECHNOLOGY GmbH.
Marketed under the BLUELINE brand, these processing plants are modular for flexible configuration and facilitate decentralised recycling and cost-effective processing of small amounts of industrial residual waste fractions.

The shredding technology required for this will be provided by ANDRITZ using the ADuro product line for universal and fine shredding. The ADuro shredders will be customised to the special requirements of the BLUELINE modules and can be used in different areas of application, such as for processing plastics, substitute fuels, timber waste or cables. The biggest advantages are derived from the flexibility of the shredding modules, which include single-stage shredding as well as high-performance fine processing inclusive of integrated fraction separation.

In using complete, but extremely flexible processing lines, collaboration with LINETECHNOLOGY will open up a completely new customer segment for ANDRITZ, beyond the previous markets for stationary large-scale plants and individual machines.
“Through collaboration with LINETECHNOLOGY, we can now further serve the needs of our customers with advanced and sustainable solutions for an extended range of applications that create added value for the recycling industry,” noted Thomas Gemeiner, Director Global Product Management & After Sales at ANDRITZ Recycling.

The LINETECHNOLOGY company is based in Waidhofen/Ybbs, Austria and was founded in 2019 as an independent sister company of IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH. Under the BLUELINE product brand, it develops, produces and markets modular container-based processing systems, for dynamic reconfiguration, which cover virtually all established process steps for dry mechanical and physical waste processing.


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