Technical Insulation Solutions

AUSTROFLEX develops and produces heating-, cooling- and insulation-solutions for building services and industry, as well as pre-insulated pipe systems for local and district heating, heat pumps, and solar thermal systems.

Technical insulation:

Optimizing heat distribution and using the right insulation material on industrial plants and technical building equipment are easily implemented and very effective measures. Insulating a single industrial fitting (DN 150) leads to thermal energy savings of 10,000 KWh. This is, for example, enough to drive more than 20,000 km with a TESLA. Consistent insulation of components and maintenance of (outdated) insulation systems thus offers a great CO2 and energy-saving potential with short payback periods.

We offer a wide range of mineral wool, polyethylene and rubber products for the insulation of industrial installations and technical equipment in buildings (heating and ventilation shafts, air conditioning systems, industrial piping systems, and underfloor heating).

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