Green Tech Academy Austria: Styria establishes hub for green education and training

Styria is currently bundling together its educational program to ensure companies are ready for the green transition. The Green Tech Academy Austria is a hub for training and FE programs in climate neutrality, founded jointly by Graz University of Technology, Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, the Styrian College of Education, the Styrian Chamber of Commerce and the Green Tech Cluster. The aim is to establish an ecosystem for lifetime learning throughout Austria.

Green Skills for Future: The Power of Green Knowledge from Styria

From wind to hydro power, solar energy to biomass, and the circular economy to sustainable construction – green technologies are key subjects for the future. The Green Tech Academy Austria – designated GRETA for short – has been set up to provide industry with the best possible support on the path to green transformation. The Academy unites several Styrian educational institutions and universities, which jointly offer extensive and tailor-made CDP (continuous professional development) programs in Climate and the Circular Economy under Dependent on demand, the range on offer will be expanded over the next few years. HTL Bulme technical college and Montanuniversität Leoben are also participating.

Extensive range of green CDP opportunities for increased competitiveness

In addition to industry and research, CDP is a central pillar in underpinning the competitiveness of companies in the region of Styria. GRETA will further strengthen the status of Styria as a Green Tech Valley. The region will become a modern-day equivalent of St. Gallen – but for green innovation. This will be ensured by highlights in the CDP program, such as the Executive MBA Twin Green & Digital Transformation at Graz University of Technology, the course for Photovoltaic Technician or Planner at the Chamber of Commerce’s WIFI academy, as well as the established FH JOANNEUM degree in Energy Management. A full range of courses will be offered, including individual lectures or workshops, university courses for employees from all sectors and company sizes, and innovation camps for companies on the themes of green technology, decarbonization and paths to climate neutrality. GRETA also offers a series of training courses for secondary school teachers. The focus will cover all types of innovation that contribute to the creation of products, services or processes that reduce the burden, impairment and threat to the environment, while at the same time optimise the use of natural resources.

Kick-off with Project Greenovet

GRETA has been founded as a not-for-profit association and will kick off with the Erasmus+ project Greenovet, which aims to promote vocational training excellence in the field of green technology and innovation in Europe. This covers four centres planned across Europe, of which Styria will be the first to be implemented. The other centres will be established in Finland, North Macedonia and Portugal. Total funds of €3.5 million are being made available for this up to 2024.

© Helmut Lunghammer
© Helmut Lunghammer


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