Certificate of Excellence: EU recognition of the Green Tech Valley at the Anniversary Regiostars Awards

Southern Austria – the Green Tech Valley – is a role model for Europe: The location has been singled out by the EU, from among the 300 finalists and winners of the last 15 years, as one of the “All-Time” regional stars in recognition of its particularly strong development of the ecosystem. The award was presented in Portugal by EU Commissioner Elisa Ferreira for the innovative regional development generated by the cluster.

The Green Tech Valley is the hot bed for green innovation. The jury of the EU Commission also came to this conclusion and after 2012, the Valley has now been awarded the “Best of 15 Years” EU Regiostars Award. Each year, hundreds of projects register to compete for the coveted Regiostars Awards under five categories that include SMART, GREEN, FAIR and URBAN Europe. At the anniversary, the Valley has now been honoured once more, from among 300 finalists and winners of the last 15 years, for particularly strong continuous further development. “It gives us great pleasure to receive this award, as a representative, for all the great achievements and the active collaboration of all the companies and research institutions in the Green Tech Valley. Together we have worked and continue to strive to enable global green transformation for a future worth living in, through solutions from Styria and Carinthia”, commented Bernhard Puttinger, CEO of the Green Tech Valley Cluster.

A growing and thriving Green Tech Valley

The Green Tech Valley location has an industrial history that goes back over 100 years. Today, Styria and Carinthia unite over 300 green technology providers in areas such as biomass, solar, hydropower and recycling. 2,300 research workers collaborate with industry on the green solutions of the future. And they are a significant boost to the economy: In just 10 years, the companies in the Green Tech Valley have doubled the number of their employees and tripled their turnover. Around 24,500 people are currently employed in the energy and environmental technology sector. Together they generate annual green tech sales of  6.8 billion euros. State Minister of Economic Affairs, Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, underlined the great importance of the Green Tech Valley for the location: “Through the development of green technology, the research workers in the Green Tech Valley make an important contribution to value creation and create valuable jobs. Simultaneously, they also have an impact on climate turnaround and maintaining our quality of life. They are an impressive demonstration that economic growth and climate protection are not mutually exclusive, but go hand in hand. Presentation of the “Best of 15 Years” EU Regiostars Award underlines the pioneering spirit of our region, not just in Austria but also within Europe.”

The global impact of Styrian & Carinthian technology

With an export quota of around 80 percent, the Green Tech Valley ecosystem is also the No. 1 international technology hotspot for climate protection and the circular economy. Innovation “Made in Green Tech Valley” has a global impact. For example, every 6th kWh of renewable electricity worldwide is generated with technology from the Valley. Pioneers and world market leaders such as ANDRITZ and Saubermacher from Styria or Sonnenkraft from Carinthia continue to successfully forge a path ahead, contributing to the forward growth of the location.

© Jerónimo Heitor Coelho
© Jerónimo Heitor Coelho

f.l.t.r. EU Commissioner Elisa Ferreira, Cluster Managing Director Bernhard Puttinger, Minister for Regional Development in Portugal Ana Abrunhosa


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