Forschung Burgenland GmbH
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7000 Eisenstadt, Österreich
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DI Marcus Keding
+43 7705 4122
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We are the team of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and Forschung Burgenland, the university’s research subsidiary. Our research projects develop along the requirements that arise in our teaching environment. The 100%-subsidiary, Forschung Burgenland is solely dedicated to R&D-projects. Within the framework of research centers, research emphasizes on topics that come from teaching or go into teaching at our institution. The Center for Building Technology and the Center for Health and Work Research are our first core research centers. In addition to that we work on heat pump research, smart city developments, social work Topics and cloud and cyberphysical security. Our R&D-activities take place in our facilities in Pinkafeld and Eisenstadt. At the moment we work on more than 50 research projects with a budget in excess of 5 Mio Euros. The type of research ranges from large international projects to pin-pointed research by appointment of order clients.


Products & Services

Josef Ressel-Zentrum CFD-Centre Austria

The research focus lies in optimizing engineering processes in building technology and energy and environmental technology. Corporate partners are, e.g.: Austrian Wind Power GmbH, Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH and Herz Energietechnik GmbH.


Air & more

Simple Air conditioning systems – energy efficient, resource-friendly, affordable for residential renovation projects


City as Energy Sponge

Power and district heating grids are connected to act as functional power storage. Producers and consumers get recommendations as to when feed-in and use make sense and are cost-efficient.


Use Waste Heat – Increase Efficiency

The Forschung Burgenland project „RaCiA – Rankine Cycle für industrielle Abwärmen“ (Rankine Cycle for industrial waste heat) is devised to support the industry in finding ways to increase processes-related waste heat recovery.


Energy4buildings – Testing for energy efficiency’s own good

An innovative test stand optimizes heating and cooling with electrical and thermal powered heat pumps and chillers.