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Recycling to break the raw materials crisis: Innovation from southern Austria

Companies in the Green Tech Valley, Styria and Carinthia, are attempting to break the crisis through new and, in particular, energy-efficient sorting and recycling systems that use artificial intelligence.

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Smart waste disposal

The Graz-based Know-Center, the Saubermacher AG company and the Styrian startup SLOC have developed an intelligent software solution to determine the optimum routes, pick-up times and frequencies for waste disposal, resulting in CO2 savings.

Certified in the Valley: New recycling certificate

TUV SÜD has set new standards. A certificate for the recyclability of packaging has been developed by the independent certification company, in collaboration with RecycleMe GmbH of Germany. Recently the certificate was awarded for the first time.

Sensor technology for Scandinavian wind farm

Eologix, the technology company based in Graz, has landed a major contract in Scandinavia. By the end of the year, this Valley Partner will have equipped a wind farm of 130 turbines with ice sensors, which will improve performance.

Automatic robot charging for EVs

Volterio is a Graz Valley startup that has developed intelligent robot charging for EVs in collaboration with Continental. The car is parked over a floor plate and then automatically connects for “refueling”.

Biodiesel Upgrade from the Valley

The American Renewable Energy Group has awarded a contract, for the modernization of its biodiesel plants in Germany, to the technology leader from the Green Tech Valley, BDI-BioEnergy International.

Valley Technology: Green H2 from landfill gas

Germany is building on expertise from the Green Tech Valley for the production of green hydrogen.

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