Microplastic measurement from the Valley

Polymers and plastics are found almost everywhere – even in the air and in our food. The Valley startup company Purency has developed software for microplastic analysis to detect how much and what type. It is intended for use in laboratories.
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How do you analyse for microplastics?

Using Microplastics Finder from Purency! The software facilitates data analysis of microplastic measurements from laboratories: “Our aim is to provide people with an automated tool for making dependable product declarations,” explains co-founder and CEO Michael Stibi. Currently, there is no such thing. So, the interest is great. The startup has secured support from the Federal government promotional bank (aws) both as aws Green Preseed and aws Green Seed funding. Business Angel Investment has also been secured.

How harmful are microplastics?

The focus of Purency is on determining the level rather than the impact of microplastics. There are basically two types of microplastics – primary and secondary. The first type is deliberately produced by industry for use in cosmetics and personal care products, for example. They are found in toothpaste and body scrubs. The second type is considered a waste product, created by abrasion of tyres or fibres when washing synthetic textiles. The critical issue is the deposition, on the microplastic particles, of pollutants that can affect fertility. Purency therefore wants to use artificial intelligence to determine the specific types and quantities of plastics present in our environment.


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