Komptech with new “Industrial” division

Komptech GmbH is positioning itself as a full-service provider for the recycling industry. In addition to technology solutions for the recycling of biogenic waste, the company also focuses on the processing of mixed material flows.

In view of dwindling resources, the pressure to work towards a circular economy is increasing. Raw materials that can be recycled from household, commercial and bulky waste will therefore increase in value. Komptech sees it as its task to support the recycling industry in the field of mixed waste with innovative, future-proof technologies,” explains Christoph Feyerer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Komptech.

As a solution specialist for the processing of mixed material flows and biomass, Komptech invests heavily in its own research and development and works together with external scientific partners. The focus is on improving the recycling and energy recovery of municipal, commercial and packaging waste through the implementation of digitalization and sensor technology.

The mobile, semi-mobile and stationary systems of the new ‘Industrial’ division differ not only technologically but also visually: instead of green, the machine cladding of the new line is anthracite. 

Equalizor – the shredder for mixed material flows

With the Equalizor, Komptech launches the ‘Industrial’ line of systems. The single-shaft shredder is designed for processing mixed input from the areas of commercial, bulky and household waste. Its cutting shredding unit processes this waste with ease. The focus is on producing a homogeneous product with a high throughput. This is ensured by a precisely adjustable cutting gap between the roller and counter blade, an automatic pusher and the highly efficient direct drive. To ensure consistent material quality at all times, the Equalizor is also equipped with a screen basket. Depending on requirements, customers can choose between different mesh sizes, whereby the exchange is user-friendly and safe via a swing-out cassette.

The Equalizor is designed as a climate-friendly, purely electrically powered machine. Mobility is provided by the battery-powered Track version. “With the Equalizor, we have a robust medium-stage shredder for grain sizes from 40 to 200 millimetres. Two further industrial shredders for coarse pre-crushing and precise secondary shredding will follow,” reports Ewald Konrad, Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

Axtor, Lacero, Crambo – the green shredders from Komptech

At the VDMA area of the trade fair, Komptech will be showing machines and systems for processing green waste, waste wood and woody biomass. The high-speed universal shredder Axtor 4510 is a very versatile machine, as it can work in shredding or chipping mode and produce different products. The Axtor has a highly efficient direct drive with a Caterpillar diesel engine. The shredding unit works according to the down-swing principle, i.e. the shredding tools act on the input material against a defined counter blade.

The Lacero 8010 is the new high-speed, high-performance shredder from Komptech. It also works according to the down-swing principle and is suitable for processing large quantities of waste wood and biomass thanks to its extraordinary engine power of 800 HP. Like all diesel-powered Komptech shredders, the Lacero is also equipped with a Caterpillar engine. 

The Crambo 5000 is a slow-running 2-shaft shredder and stands for aggressive material intake with minimal fines. The machine is highly resistant to impurities. It also features overload protection and reversible rollers. Komptech also offers the Crambo with an identical performance profile as a climate-friendly e-mobile version, in which the diesel engine is replaced by an electric motor. The Multistar L3 complements the Crambo perfectly and is the ideal machine for screening waste wood, biomass and compost. Thanks to the intelligent design of the L3, the machine can be optimally adapted to the respective application and the prevailing requirements. For example, the machine can be converted from screening with 3-fractions to screening with 2-fractions. This is just one of many other options available to adapt the machines to the respective requirements


Veronika Pranger
Green Tech Valley – Communications

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