Increased power output from EV batteries

The driving range of an EV is determined, among other things, by the energy density of the battery. The higher the density, the greater the range – even with a lighter and smaller battery. In collaboration, the Valley Virtual Vehicle Consortium, the Materials Center Leoben, Varta Innovation and AVL List are currently seeking to increase the energy density of battery cells by 20 to 30 percent at 1,000 charges.
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Taking EV batteries to the next level

Lithium-ion batteries represent one of the key technologies of the current era. They are the driving force behind e-mobility. To increase battery performance further and thus retain a competitive edge against supply from Asian markets, four of the Styrian market players are currently working on improving lithium-ion battery technology. They want to extend the service life and increase the charge density. The charge density is a measure of the amount of energy per weight or volume stored in the battery and is therefore also a key indicator of the EV range. The collaborative team, formed by the industry and research companies Virtual Vehicle, the Materials Center Leoben, Varta Innovation and AVL List, have set the ambitious target to increase energy density of battery cells by 20 to 30 percent at 1,000 charges.

How to increase the power of EV batteries

This target improvement will be realised using innovative Hollow Core-Shell Silicon Carbon Composite Anodes. This will enable the next generation of lithium-ion batteries to achieve a significantly higher energy density with the same charging stability compared to existing technologies. The partners from Styria are collaborating on simulation, electrode and cell production and electrochemical processes. The objective is to use Si anodes to make lithium-ion battery production more effective, thus reducing costs and saving precious resources.


Dr. Franz Pichler
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH
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