Forbes accolade for AI software company from the Valley

Connecting man and machine in perfect harmony: this is the vision that drives LEFTSHIFT ONE, a technology start-up based in Graz. The company provides support to other enterprises using artificial intelligence to automate and optimise processes, for which the Green Tech Valley partner has recently received the accolade, from the renowned Forbes magazine, of one of the top 30 AI companies in Europe.
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Greater efficiency through digital assistance

AIOS (Artificial Intelligence Operating System) is the name of the operating system developed by LEFTSHIFT ONE for the application of artificial intelligence and hyper-automation. Within AIOS, digital assistants can be created, managed and operated. And over the longer term they allow companies to rationalise and make operational tasks easier. By applying AIOS, business processes are laid bare enabling new opportunities for process improvement to be identified. The basis of the technology is analogous to smartphone apps: “The operating system is a technical development environment on which a range of applications, or Skills, can be run. The smart services embody the symbiosis of man and machine, while also ensuring data protection”, explains CEO Patrick Ratheiser. The AI services extend across text comprehension, data analysis and image recognition. These are also used in combination, generating an advanced level of hyper-automation. As a result, complex business processes become transparent and can be improved or even fully automated.

Two million seed capital

From the very start, LEFTSHIFT ONE presented a winning solution for investors. At start-up, the company received seed capital and grants of €2 m from Hermann Hauser and eQventure, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austria Wirtschaftsservice-Gesellschaft (aws).

Out into the Big Wide World

LEFTSHIFT ONE continues to grow. The team already numbers some 40 employees and has top-class references. The current business focus is on national and international expansion. “We are in advanced discussions with forward thinking companies, across all industry sectors, where we will be applying artificial intelligence and hyper-automation to implement disruptive business models,” revealed Ratheiser. This goes beyond automation of standard operational and business processes. “Through the combination of core technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, hyper-automation facilitates the automation of dynamic processes.”


Christian Weber
Leftshift One Software GmbH
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