Certified in the Valley: New recycling certificate

TUV SÜD has set new standards. A certificate for the recyclability of packaging has been developed by the independent certification company, in collaboration with RecycleMe GmbH of Germany. Recently the certificate was awarded for the first time.

Recycling mark for packaging

TÜV SÜD and RecycleMe are issuing a new certificate, which puts packaging through a test procedure that will assist manufacturers, bottlers, importers, online retailers, retail chains and other suppliers in the transition to net-zero CO2. During testing, attention is given to ensuring the material complies with all relevant standards and norms. Transparent analysis of the packaging is assisted by a digital twin. The advantage is Digital documentation of materials, weights and dimensions, which takes into account all relevant factors of influence in the assessment of recyclability, allowing the potential for improvement and solution synergies to be highlighted during the process.

Recycle or throw away

For packaging to be considered recyclable, it must meet specific criteria that are strictly controlled by the joint partners: “The testing and certification in accordance with the new TÜV SÜD standard takes into account the organizational structure of regional collection and recycling, as well as the capability for sorting the packaging,” explains Robert Hermann, Head of Green Energy & Sustainability at TÜV SÜD Austria. He has been responsible for developing the new testing and certification procedure with his team in collaboration with RecycleMe.

REDWAVE Qi – Neue Technologie zur Materialanalyse und -kontrolle

The new testing and certification procedure can be used for packaging made of plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, ferrous metals, wood and composite materials and takes between one and three months. After successful completion, the certificate is valid for three years. It has recently been awarded for the first time to one of the largest European suppliers of chicken and poultry convenience products.


Sylke Kanits