Austria’s largest solar flying roof

To change the world, you must first change yourself. This is the logic behind Austria’s largest solar flying roof, which has been installed by the Carinthian PV module manufacturer, SONNENKRAFT, on its own company premises. As a result, the company can now generate a considerable portion of the energy it requires for manufacturing itself. And that is a good thing, as PV demand is increasing.

Double production capacity with a climate-friendly approach

This has been the aim of SONNENKRAFT. The company is currently investing €8.5 m in the expansion of its manufacturing facility in St. Veit an der Glan. In the future, they will have the potential to manufacture virtually twice as many PV modules as before. This in effect will allow the equivalent of nearly 300 households to be supplied with solar energy per day. The expansion in production capacity required a new warehouse. And SONNENKRAFT fitted the roof out with 800 double-glazed PV modules from its own factory. The solar roof now supplies around three quarters of the energy requirement of the company for production of its PV modules and fresh water stations. As a CO2 neutral production location, SONNENKRAFT lives up to its name as a pioneer.

Easy on the climate and the purse strings

In the construction of the solar roof, bifacial cell technology has been used in the PV modules. They are particularly efficient in operation and generate more electricity than conventional PV cells as they can absorb sunlight from both sides. Depending on the light and location, double-sided solar cells are up to 30 percent more efficient, while requiring less space and less material. The solar roof has an annual yield of 325,000 kWh. The power generated gives a payback period of 8 years. In addition to this latest investment, SONNENSTROM has previously established its climate protection credentials with its existing 500 kWp photovoltaic system on the company roof and the e-carport, which it uses to supply its e-car fleet with green electricity


Dajana Scherr
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