Austria Email sets strong “green” signs

The Green Tech Valley company posts a successful year with 31.5 percent sales growth and production at full speed. The Green Products share of sales was increased by 75 percent and investment of eight million euros creates 50 green jobs, among other things.
Austria Email

75 percent more sales at Green Products

Geen Tech Valley company Austria Email AG, headquartered and with plants in Styria, presents the results of fiscal year 2022. Accompanied by high demand and growth in all product groups and markets, Austria Email AG, a leading specialist in storage and heating technology, increased annual sales by a remarkable 31.5 percent from 94.9 million euros in 2021 to 124.8 million euros in 2022, which corresponds to a doubling in the last 5 years. 

The entire Austria Email group including the 100% subsidiary Austria Email GmbH as well as the acquired 70% subsidiary Thermic Energy in Germany show an increase of about 68 percent: from 107.3 million euros in 2021 (without Thermic Energy) to 180.1 million euros in 2022. In the future segment of heat pumps including storage, market share gains underline Austria Email’s role as a dynamic player. 

The share of sales accounted for by “Green Products”, which contribute to the energy transition by improving energy efficiency, grew by 75 percent in 2022 compared to 2021. In 2022, a POA of 9.3 million euros was generated. Profit is flat compared with 2021, as cost increases are not passed on in full to customers. 

With an investment offensive of around eight million euros, the company is investing heavily in the expansion of industrial capacities. This will create new green jobs: 50 additional employees are currently being sought.

Next generation instead of last generation"ations

“Overall, production – as in 2021 and 2022 – continues to run in 3-shift operation and at full load. As an employer, we are proud that the manufacture of our products “in Europe for Europe” secures domestic value creation and valuable jobs. Young people in particular, who are just entering the professional world, benefit from long-term perspectives with us and can contribute to solving the climate and energy crisis through their “green job” with lived rather than just “glued” commitment. In contrast to the “Last Generation”, we believe in the “Next Generation”, emphasizes Martin Hagleitner.

Economic policy framework required


Decarbonization and climate protection are highly urgent and the energy turnaround has been initiated. However, there is still a lot to be done to gradually phase out oil and gas in a joint effort by politicians, companies and citizens. “We are not only facing a refurbishment backlog, but also a reform backlog. Despite all the ambitious goals and targets, we need practical and affordable ways to implement them. This also requires, among other things, transition periods and bridging technologies for the switch to renewable energy sources, so that the path to a climate-neutral future succeeds at all,” appeals Martin Hagleitner.

The EU and its member states have “prepared the ground” well for Asian and American players as well through generous funding pots and brash specifications for the energy turnaround. In order for European “hidden champions” to become global green tech players in the future, appropriate economic policy frameworks are needed to unleash growth. However, calls for a reduction in working hours with higher wages, a shower of money according to the watering-can principle and even higher taxes are not expedient here.


“As an Austrian manufacturer in association with the French family-owned group Groupe Atlantic, Austria Email AG, we are clearly committed to Europe as a production location. Politics, business and society should resolutely join forces in the fight against both the climate crisis and the global loss of importance,” states Martin Hagleitner, who is responsible for the group management of the DACH region and selected CEE markets for the Austria Email parent company Groupe Atlantic.


Veronika Pranger
Green Tech Valley Cluster

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