24/7 support for the sorting plant with REDWAVE mate

The Styrian expert in waste handling plants, REDWAVE, now offers the world’s first self-learning system to improve the efficiency, yield and purity of waste sorting. REDWAVE mate measures quality during the recycling operation and facilitates quick capture and evaluation of information during production.

A further step has been taken in the direction of artificial intelligence in the recycling sector in order to support companies in the future with the operation and continuous improvement of their plant. Communication between the sorting systems takes place in real time and cross-platform monitoring makes the flow of information easy to manage. This support is available 24/7 – so better than your best friend, as even they have to sleep sometimes.

REDWAVE 2i technology, first introduced in 2018, was already based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Mate, however, now links together different sensor types. The AI system is used to monitor and optimise the entire sorting process and enables 24/7 support of the recycling plant. It is the first system in the world to measure material grades and to capture and evaluate information actually during processing. Communication between the sorting systems takes place in real time and cross-platform monitoring makes the flow of information easy to manage.

Managing Director Ms. Mag. (FH) Silvia Schweiger-Fuchs noted that: “REDWAVE MATE allows us to offer our customers the greatest transparency possible for their equipment and plants. It enables access to and monitoring and communication of their plants and equipment anywhere and at any time.”


The added value of REDWAVE MATE:

  • Continuous improvement of plant and sorting operations
  • Improved and optimised rate of sorting and final quality with REDWAVE MATE
  • Increased system availability and sorting efficiency
  • Cross-platform monitoring of material flows within the plant
  • Comparison of individual data from machines and provision of recommendations on setting parameters
  • Immediate availability of data, for example, for the Operations Managers
  • Availability on all common mobile devices
  • Option to export data for further processing

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The company:

REDWAVE provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for the recycling and waste processing industry and supplies profitable recycling systems as well as turnkey waste treatment plants. In addition, the company is a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines that have a rugged industrial design. The REDWAVE offering does not stop at the sensor level, but delivers the entire sorting machine plant and therefore takes on the full responsibility for the sorting output and result. To be able to offer customers the flexibility they need and react as quickly as possible to market and customer needs, the company bases all of its expertise in software and hardware in-house.

REDWAVE has a worldwide reach and, in addition to its headquarters in Austria, it has further offices and facilities in Germany, China, Singapore and the USA.

Further details about the company can be found here.


Mag. (FH) Angela Thaller