Hydrogen-Plant HyCentA

The plant consists of a supply infrastructure, test centers, a high pressure test bed for 1000 bar, a hydrogen refueling station for 350 bar and 700 bar as well as a cutting-edge fuel cell system test bed.

Supply infrastructure:

hydrogen conditioner,
hydrogen-compressor station (up to 450 bar) and dispenser,
tank for deep cold liquid nitrogen (3.200 liters),
evaporator unit with an evaporator output of 120 Nm³/h for nitrogen and special gases

The plant is designed for deep cold liquid hydrogen and includes a vacuum insulated tank for 17600 liters deep cold liquid hydrogen, dispenser and two evaporator units with an evaporator output of 150 Nm3/h.

During one of our current projects the infrastructure will be upgraded by the following positions:

hydrogen compressor station (up to 1000 bar) and dispenser for 700 bar
hydrogen circulation system (loop system)
two 350 bar electrolyser modules

Inffeldgasse 15
8010 Graz, Österreich
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