Environmental & Project Management

We support project applicants in all steps of the licensing procedure and during project realisation. We provide our services for line and point projects, cover different approval regimes and know the specifics in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

o Environmental & Project Management (project management, support of project
o applicants during licensing procedures,
o feasibility studies,
o management of legal notices and requirements,
o preparation of submission documents [environmental impact statement / environmental related documents, summaries that are intelligible to everybody, technical documentation concerning waste management, climate & energy concepts],
o construction supervision and control [in the areas: environmental/technical monitoring, waste management, hydraulic engineering, local and technical construction supervision],
o operational support in ecological and environmental monitoring,
o coordination of measures to preserve evidence,
o sustainable line route and site management,
o GIS-based management of environmental and geo-data

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9020 Klagenfurt, Österreich
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Klaus Rapp
Geschäftsführer / Gewerberechtlicher Geschäftsführer (Ingenieurbüro auf den Fachgebieten Umwelttechnik und Technische Chemie)