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Your partner for developing, designing, and realizing metal recycling projects! • Planning phase • Interface management • Technical consulting • Support during plant ramp-up • Continuous improvement
UrbanGold has all the knowledge required for the proof of feasibility, the creation of a technical concept, the consideration of legal aspects and environmental protection, and the realization of the project on behalf of the project owner. What is more, we are also your partner for commissioning, start-up, training, and long-term operation – including further optimization for continuous improvement of the economic success. • Planning phase Planning a metallurgical recycling plant is the pinnacle of project development. Expertise in a wide range of complex technical topics is required, as well as profound knowledge of the business model of smelting and refining valuable metallic and complex raw materials. In addition, environmental protection and sustainable operation are of great importance and can have a significant impact on the business case. • Interface management In complex processes with different plants and partners, interfaces are of crucial importance. UrbanGold is happy to support here with its experience and thus makes a decisive contribution to ensuring that implementation runs smoothly. • Technical consulting UrbanGold supports the project management during the entire project realization, of course technically and metallurgically, but also in all areas that are not directly related to the recycling process – such as environmental issues, permitting processes and the infrastructure area. • Support during plant ramp-up During commissioning, we ensure that no technical question remains unanswered, and we support the ramp-up to the contractually agreed conditions. • Continuous improvement The operation of a recycling plant is subject to constant changes in the boundary conditions. Be it a changing raw material, the growing demand for product quality or simply the desire for a successive expansion of the processing capacity. We see ourselves as a partner beyond commissioning and provide support for all future challenges.
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