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UrbanGold's core competence is the development and design of recycling processes for the metal industry. • Technical and economic feasibilty • Process development • Process modeling • Process engineering • Implementation
UrbanGold’s core competence is the development and design of recycling processes for the metals industry. The focus is on complex, non-ferrous secondary raw materials and materials that pose a major challenge for established standard processes. • Technical and economic feasibilty Due to its many years of experience, UrbanGold can very quickly carry out a basic technical feasibility analysis and a rough economic assessment for a wide range of problems. All relevant, environmentally specific issues are considered. • Process development If the first technical and economic feasibility leads to a promising result, UrbanGold develops the recycling process step by step until the technology is ready for investment. • Process modeling Every process development at UrbanGold is accompanied by process modelling, and mass & energy balancing, respectively. This enables tailor-made solutions and is the basis for plant engineering. • Process engineering By process engineering we mean a detailed elaboration of the individual process stages, each with individual mass & energy balancing, the description of critical process parameters, relevant influencing factors, a meaningful illustration of the process flows and much more. • Implementation Together with our partners, we also offer further engineering packages and plant deliveries.
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