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We develop innovative technologies, materials and processes for our partners from industry, which find their way into their product developments or production processes.

For this purpose, MATERIALS does not only have a state-of-the-art infrastructure and numerous experts from various fields but we also offer our customers and partners access to an arsenal of national and European funding opportunities via pilot line and open innovation test bed programmes (Phabulous, MedPhab, NextGen-µFluidics, FlexFunction2Sustain) or the platforms PhotonHubEurope, Microfluidics Innovation Hub and Digital Innovation Hub Süd.

This enables us to offer a great depth of added value, starting with basic technology development up to product development and production processes, which is available in a wide range of professional fields and can be supplemented by our international network if required.

Current topics range from printed electronics, Pyzoflex® sensor technology, lab-on-a-chip, roll-to-roll imprint technology, material development (photopolymers, printing inks), laser material processing (ultrashort pulse and high power disk lasers) plasma and vacuum coating, additive manufacturing of metals and polymers, freeform optics and smart connected lighting.

Our Microassembly Lab comprises technologies for the specific production of conductive or optical structures on a micrometre scale: high-precision chip bonding, screen printing, inkjet printing, electrostatic printing (ESJet), aerosoljet printing and the atmospheric pressure plasmajet process, which is particularly suitable for industrial environments.

Our services include surface analysis (XPS, UPS), spectroscopy (ellipsometry, UV/VIS, fluorescence) and the most modern light laboratory in Austria!

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