LoRaWAN® - Digitization for real estates, cities and communities

With kelmin we provide fully integrated LoRaWAN®-based solutions and services in field of metering-, billing und digitization to link up the building and real estate industry, cities and communities.

kelmin provides fully-integrated, tailor made und upscaled IoT End-to-End-services. LoRaWAN® means Long Range Wide Area Network and performs a highly-secure transport of data over great distances. Sensor (for example water meters, heat meters, level measurement devices, …) can be detected and read-out in a two-way-communication and on high level of energy-efficiency. The energy consumption itself is very low so that the sensors can be operated for up to 10 years and longer without having a constant energy supply. Collaborating with kelmin by using LoRaWAN® allows you to get ready for your digital future and make you benefit from new, innovative applications in field of IoT.


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