Composting technology

Compost turner for triangular windrows, universal mixer

Compost turner for triangular windrows

Buildout of the new Topturn X series continues. With a windrow width of 4.5 m, the Topturn X4500 is just the right size as a starter turner for smaller composting operations. A step up is the Topturn X5000, the perfect machine for the widespread 5 m windrow width. The new Topturn X6000 heads up the series. With 310 kW engine power, it’s the ideal compost turner for windrows up to 6 m wide and 2.6 m high.

With a sturdy frame, powerful hydraulics and large drum, the Topturn X is ready to handle any work situation. There is a choice of two power levels for the smaller models. A comfortable cabin with lifting function and roomy maintenance platforms that fold out hydraulically are further plus points. On request, additional options such as watering by a hose system, a patented scraper device for getting the lowermost ground layer and a fast version for quick manoeuvring are available.

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