Maintenance Services- High Voltage Technology & Environmental Analyses

Our offer includes maintenance services (focus on high-voltage technologies), environmental analyses and inspection, such as the detection of pollutants and interfering substances, material investigations, object safety checks and drone flights.

o Maintenance services with a focus on high voltage technology (insulation oil analysis, databank-based evaluation of equipment filled with insulating media, regeneration of insulation oil, quality assurance of transducers, assessment of the short circuit current capability, measurement of the apparent specific earth resistance, measurement at pylons, measurement of alternating currents by current clamp, calculation of operation parameters, analysis of lubricants, analysis of fuels, material testing and concrete testing, metallography)

o environmental analysis and inspection (inspection agency for the avaluation of waste, incoming waste screening for landfills, detection of interfering and harmful substances, water analysis, baseline reports (according to the Industrial Emissions Directive), waste management concepts, object safety checks, drone flights)

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