EUROPLAST ECO box for the industrial applications

EUROPLAST ECO BOX 610l for industrial applications made of Recycling material. Reduced CO2 Footprint. Made of HDPE, Impact proof, high Quality recycled material, weather proof (UV) sun proof, resistant against base and acid.

EUROPLAST box made of high-quality HDPE (s. image) for transport and storage in industrial and food production, for bulk material and small parts. The box is manufactured in an injection moulding process, has extreme resilience, is food-safe and acid-resistant and has smooth internal walls for easy cleaning. ECO Box made
of HDPE, impact proof, high quality
recycled material, Weather proof, (UV) sun proof, Resistant against base and acid, Stackable
and nestable, Smooth inner sides for easy cleaning, Sustainability through resource conservation, REACH-compliant, made for food storage. USE OF GREEN ELECTRICITY, SAVING OF CRUDE OIL, ENERGYEFFICIENT PRODUCTION, PRODUKTION EMISSION-FREE,OWN RECYCLING FACILTY, REUSE OF PRODUCTION WASTE.
Techn. Data
Outer measurements 1200 x 1000 x 760 mm
Inner measurements 1120 x 920 x 600 mm
Nominal volume ca. 610 l
Max. fill weight: closed, 4 feet 300 kg +/-5 %
closed, 3 runners 350 kg +/-5 %
Weights, standard versions:
closed, 4 feet 32,1 kg +/-5 %
closed, 3 runners 37,0 kg +/-5 %
lid weight 6,9 kg +/-5 %
Max. load in stack of *2000 kg must not be
exceedet; flat surface, pressure-resistant floor
and wind-protected stand
is required!

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