Energy data management

The foundation for an energy concept is the energy analysis with inventory of energy consumption and determination of savings potentials.

In an energy concept, energy efficiency is evaluated and improvement options, including their economic viability, are presented. The energy optimization of an operation should start where the energy demand exists. Often, investments in the expansion of supply facilities can be avoided or postponed in this way. After optimizing the energy demand, an adapted efficient supply structure can then be developed for the operation.
The prerequisite for an energy concept is an as-is analysis:

Where and how much energy is consumed?
How is the energy supplied?

Knowing the energy consumption of individual departments, processes and equipment allows the plant to better monitor processes and calculate costs. Monitoring, especially of energy-relevant processes and machines, enables detailed, time-resolved data collection. Care must be taken to ensure that necessary data is collected in a targeted manner and related to production performance. It is advisable to prepare the results graphically in order to be able to compare the individual energy flows.

For small and medium-sized companies in particular, it makes sense to consult neutral and competent energy consultants.

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