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Thermal, moisture and sound insulation, room acoustics, sealing technology, creation of energy certificates, calculation of thermal bridges, sound measurement, dynamic building simulation, studies of shadowing and concepts for solar protection, exper

We understand the field of building physics as a bridging discipline and link between architecture and building construction on the one hand and the use of the building and the supply of the building with sufficient air, heat/cool and light on the other. In this sense the department ClimaDesign and Building Physics within equadrat engineering GmbH will optimize the communication between the disciplines building physics and technical building equipment in order to be able to provide you as a customer with an optimized overall package and to minimize interface coordination on your side.

In addition to the classic tasks of building physics planning such as heat, moisture and sound proofing as well as acoustic optimization of rooms, the ClimaDesign and Building Physics department can offer you the following additional processing packages:

+ Dynamic building simulations
+ Flow simulations
+ Plant optimizations
+ Sun protection concepts
+ Facade studies
+ Shading studies
+ Daylighting/artificial lighting studies
+ Hygrothermal simulations
+ Passive house

+ Thermal insulation
+ Moisture protection
+ Sound insulation
+ Room acoustics
+ Waterproofing technology
+ Preparation of energy certificates
+ Thermal bridge calculations
+ Sound measurement technology
+ thermography
+ Temperature-humidity measurements
+ expert opinions

In addition, we are also active as a court-certified expert as well as a building physics suitability examiner for the state of Styria. Benefit from our many years of experience.

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