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Company Short profile City Fields
A. Rauch GmbH RAUCH is a leading supplier of water spray misting and fogging systems for adiabatic outdoor cooling, humidification , dust control and water fog effects. RAUCH also provides scales and calibration services. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
.A.S.A. Abfall Service AG, Niederlassung Graz As a modern and private enterprise, we provide a complete range of services in the field of waste disposal, from initial consultation through to collection and treatment of all types of waste in compliance with statutory regulations. Graz-Puntigam partner_type_resources
AB Synergy Maps GmbH Wien partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_more
ABC Procurement GmbH We are a consulting company with services related to purchasing and performance -based pricing model (no savings = no fee). We support our customers in order to buy cheaper in the future and to use all potentials of purchasing. Graz partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
AccuPower Forschungs, Entwicklungs-, und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Consulting, assistance in the field of charging technology and batteries. Project development, assemblies and manufacturing of customized battery-pack from prototype to mass production. Battery Types: NiMH, Lithium: Li-Ion; Li- polymer; LiFePo4 Graz partner_type_more
COSMO CONSULT GmbH Graz partner_type_more
AEE – Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien (AEE INTEC) AEE INTEC is a non-profit research association and one of the leading institutes for applied research in the fields of thermal energy technologies and hybrid systems, low-energy and zero-energy buildings as well as in energy efficiency for industry. Gleisdorf partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_more
AHT Cooling Systems GmbH AHT Cooling Systems operates in the area of food refrigeration. Here, the main lines of the business are plug-in freezers, deep freezers and refrigerated shelves for supermarkets, ice-cream chests and beverage refrigeration. Rottenmann partner_type_efficiency
AK Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte Steiermark Graz
akaryon GmbH akaryon specialises in IT tools for sustainability, environment, and energy issues, such as CO2 inventories, eco games, knowledge transfer, information systems, plus expertise in project development, proposal writing and reviews. Langenwang partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Altair Engineering GmbH Graz
Alternative Energietechnik, Ing. Wolfgang Rebernegg We develop and produce controllers for heating facilities for private and industrial use, as well as custom controllers. Seiersberg partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_more
Ancoreage Management Partners GmbH We are specialists for context-based consulting - focusing on the fields of innovation, mobilization and regulation. By creating the right frame conditions, we allow our customers to successfully implement and anchor their strategies, structures an Graz partner_type_more
ANDRITZ AG ANDRITZ is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH Complete solutions for hydropower plants Weiz partner_type_energy
Anton Mayer Ges.m.b.H Anton Mayer Ges.m.b.H. is an innovative private company that operates in the fields of waste, resource and environmental management. St. Michael partner_type_resources
Aquaterra Ziviltechniker Ges.m.b.H. As a Consulting Engineering Office, we take on project declaration and handling in the field of water management and environmental technology and we advise during the course of environmental sustainability declarations and testing. Graz
ARCon GmbH ARCon GmbH is an internationally active technical and trading company in the field of waste and resource management Seiersberg-Pirka partner_type_resources
ASCO Engineering GmbH Raaba-Grambach partner_type_building partner_type_more
ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH ATM-Recyclingsystems GmbH produces briquetting presses, baling presses, scrap shears and a variety of breakers for the processing of metal waste. All of our machinery, which can weigh up to 300 tonnes, is manufactured at our plant in Fohnsdorf (AUT). Fohnsdorf partner_type_resources partner_type_more
ATT advanced thermal technologies GmbH ATT’s mission is to develop and manufacture groundbreaking new technologies in the area of thermal management for the global market. Dobl-Zwaring partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Austin Pock & Partners GmbH Austin, Pock + Partners is a consulting company specialising in strategic development and the growth of companies and organisations in technological and knowledge-based sectors. Graz partner_type_more
Autforce – Automations GmbH Innovative automation from Austria As a leading service provider, our portfolio covers all areas of industrial automation. Lebring partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
BDI BioEnergy International GmbH BDI – BioEnergy International AG supplies as an international corporate group leading technologies for the upgrading of waste, raw and recycled materials. Raaba-Grambach partner_type_energy partner_type_more
BDI BioEnergy International GmbH BDI – BioEnergy International AG supplies as an international corporate group leading technologies for the upgrading of waste, raw and recycled materials. Raaba-Grambach partner_type_energy partner_type_more
BEKO Engineering & Informatik GmbH & Co KG BEKO Engineering & Informatik is Austria’s leading supplier of Technology Services. Graz partner_type_efficiency
Bike Citizens – BikeCityGuide Apps GmbH Bike Citizens was founded in 2011 by Daniel Kofler and Andreas Stückl. In addition to the eponymous App, the company developed the globally successful mounting for smartphones, Finn. Bike Citizens participates in many urban mobility research projects Graz partner_type_efficiency
BINDER Energietechnik GmbH BINDER produces customised biomass boiler systems, heating or steam generation from 100 kW up to 20 MW with renewable energies, focusing on industry and commercial heat supply. Bärnbach partner_type_energy
BINDER+CO AG World market leading company for glass recycling and difficult to screen secondary raw materials Gleisdorf partner_type_resources partner_type_more
BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH is a centre of excellence for technologies in the field of bioenergy research and development in close cooperation with industry and scientific institutions. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH BIOS is active in research, development, planning and optimisation of processes and plants for the energetic utilisation of biomass and industrial waste heat utilisation for heating, cooling and electricity. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
bit management Beratung GmbH / CPC Austria It is an international consulting company with a focus on environmental, eco-efficient and cleaner production consultancy. Also important for the CPC are the fields of implementation of ECOPROFIT programs and training of personnel. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
BLUEPOWER GmbH BLUE POWER is a quality supplier in the market segment of small wind power and produces and sells highly efficient wind turbines in the areas of B2B and B2C. Schlierbach partner_type_energy
brainchain AG Our core business is the commercialisation of intellectual property rights and technologies. Our consulting services comprise business model development, closing technology gaps, strengthening IPR portfolios and strategies to protect innovation. Uster partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
BYF – Bright Yellow Future BYF Bright Yellow Future KG is a biotech company that has developed a fermentation process, from which oil perfectly suitable for the biodiesel production can be derived from plant or p.e. papermill waste. Graz
CAG Solutions CAG Solutions offers comprehensive consulting services and project management for companies and municipalities in the area of ​​electric mobility (vehicle fleet, charging infrastructure) and training services (lectures, employee training). Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
CBLOWER Austria Industrieventilatoren GmbH As a producer of industrial fans and blowers, we are a global provider of additional air-flue gas fans, burners and smoke gas blowers especially for boiler construction, ATEX-fans for retaining biogas and cooling air fans. Jennersdorf partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
CCCA Climate Change Centre Austria The CCCA is the contact point for researchers, politicians, the media, and the public for all questions concerning climate research in Austria. Thus, the CCCA promotes a sustainable climate dialog. Wien partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Centre for Action Learning – Fi GmbH & Co KG Action Learning for > Innovative breakthrough strategies > organisational development > Sustainable innovations in products, services, processes and cultures Tobelbad partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Christof Industries GmbH The Christof Industries GmbH is a group of companies with approximately 2,000 employees. Their operating companies are internationally successful active in the industrial plant engineering, special construction and industrial services. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Christof Industries GmbH Christof Industries is a group of companies with approximately 2,000 employees. Their operating companies are internationally successful in the industrial plant engineering, special construction and industrial services. Werndorf partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Combustion Bay One Combustion Bay One is an engineering office specialised in advanced combustion management. We provide consulting and F&E towards solutions for less fuel burn and less pollutant emissions, as well as more operation flexibility and safety. Graz partner_type_efficiency
Compuritas GmbH Compuritas is one of Austrias’ leading companies to put the values of sustainability and innovation into practice. Through the „Compuritas hardware distribution programme“ the IT company from Graz claims high recognition all over Austria: Graz partner_type_efficiency
CTB Automatisierungstechnik GmbH CTB Automation provides total solutions in power engineering and industry worldwide. Lebring partner_type_efficiency
CTP – Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH CTP is one of the world‘s leaders in air pollution control. Our technology has proven itself in hundreds of applications for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Graz partner_type_more
DDipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter J. Weiss, Zivilingenieur für Maschinenbau As an energy consultant, civil engineer for mechanical engineering, legally certified expert, quality control manager for biomass heating installations and local heating networks, we advise our clients independent of supplier interests and plan their proj Graz partner_type_energy
DI (FH) Thomas Fleischhacker We provide innovative, sustainable and economic solutions for the expansion of electricity generation from renewable energy sources and efficient combined heat and power. Vasoldsberg partner_type_efficiency
DI Markus Pernthaler Architekt ZT GmbH The office was founded in 1990 and has been active since then in various fields of architecture. With a focus on the progress of urban and architectural projects, numerous strategies have been developed according to ecological and social sustainabili Graz partner_type_building
DiniTech GmbH We are an Austrian company, that is developing innovative products in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. Jagerberg partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Friedrich Lettner – Ingenieurkonsulent f. Wirtschafts-Ingenieurwesen im Maschinenbau Dr. Lettner offers integrated industrial and regional energy concepts, planning and optimization of plants with integration of new renewable technologies, authorities engineering, quality management, investigations on damages, acceptance tests and R&D. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building
ds energie – consulting & management ds energy consulting & management gmbh is an independent services and consulting company. Deutschlandsberg partner_type_efficiency
e-design4all GmbH & Co KG For over a decade, e-design4all has been Austria’s the most sought after partner in Online Marketing & Print. “Striving for new heights” in expertise setting new standards in sustainable sites, online stores and green designs. Kapfenberg partner_type_more
E.S.Elektronik GmbH & Co KG Working as energy experts in control and automation technology, we have an excellent track record as partners for trade and industry. Lebring partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
e² engineering GmbH The company e² engineering is a general contractor in the construction, environment, energy and infrastructure technologies. As an engineering manufacturer with a focus on energy self-sufficiency, we provide you with know-how from a single source. Fohnsdorf partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
E1 Wärme und Energie GmbH E1 stands for innovation, reliability, and professional competence. Graz partner_type_energy
e2 engineering GmbH Fohnsdorf
E2T – Efficient Energy Technology GmbH E²T - Efficient Energy Technology GmbH is a Spin-Off of Graz University of Technology. It is based on a patented non-invasive measurement technology that is able to detect the power consumption within a household. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency Photovoltaics GmbH offers expert advice and planning and expert installation and maintenance of your photovoltaic installation. The young, dedicated team helps you in every step with sustainable project support. Irdning partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
EcoCan GmbH The EcoCan mission is to achieve more efficient and environmentally acceptable light efficiencies by introducing new light steering technologies, which demonstrate that ecology, economics and ergonomics do not have to work against each other. Leoben partner_type_building
ECOFLUID Handels GmbH Our core competencies are high performance / biodegradable lubricants and oil filtration. As a relatively modestly sized business we pride ourselves on being able to respond fast and flexibly to our clients’ needs. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
ecoliGhts SOLARE BELEUCHTUNG GmbH ecoliGhts is dedicated to the future of energy and, through its solar lighting systems, provides better security, energy efficiency and cost improvement. Weißkirchen partner_type_energy
ecoversum The team of ecoversum offers practice-oriented knowledge, methodical competence and the readiness to individually solve your specific challenges in the environmental area. We cooperate with companies, municipalities and public institutions. Lebring
ecoversum – netzwerk für nachhaltiges wirtschaften The team of ecoversum offers practice-orientated knowledge, methodical competence and the readiness to individually solve your specific challenges in the environmental area. We cooperate with companies, municipalities and public institutions. Graz partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency
Elektro Merl GmbH Our company location in Bruck an der Mur-Einöd is the competent point of contact when it comes to electrical installations, assembly, design and service. Bruck a.d. Mur partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
ELIN Motoren GmbH Motors and generators are in use worldwide: Wind Energy, Industrial Plant Applications, Power Plants, Decentralised Energy Systems and Small Hydro-Plants, Tunnel Boring and Mining, Plastics Industry and in the field of Marine, Oil & Gas. Preding/Weiz partner_type_energy partner_type_more
ELSTA Mosdorfer GesmbH Long-term experience and permanent improvement assure customized high-quality solutions for low-voltage power distribution and metering. Our strengths are the engineering and electrical design of enclosures for a variety of purposes. Kaindorf/Sulm partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
ELUXOON-Connected Lighting Eluxoon is a young and highly qualified company focused on lighting solutions and Internet of Things applications. Eluxoon provides solutions that facilitate and improve lighting management in the public, industrial and horticultural sector. Graz partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Endress + Hauser GmbH Production and delivery of most instruments for industrial automation such as level, flow, pressure, temperaturs, water analysis. Also: engineering and consultations for energy efficiency for pressure, heat, refrigeration, electricity and lighting in Aust Wien partner_type_more
enerep schöner Tag Ingenieurbüro Ing. G. REPNIK, Heizung,- Lüftung,- Klima,- Sanitär, Alternativenergietechnik, Haustechnik Specialised in the area of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary installations, we undertake the planning and development of autonomous, independent and resource-optimised energy systems in order to achieve the lowest cost of operation, Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_more
Energie Agentur Steiermark gemeinnützige GmbH The "Energy Agency Styria" works with the aim to accelerate the efficiency of energy usage and the use of renewable, domestic energy sources in the interests of regional development, environmental protection and sustainability . Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Energie Graz GmbH & Co KG Energie Graz designes and secures as energy service provider an essential part of the infrastructure in the Styrian capital Graz. Graz partner_type_energy
Energie Steiermark AG As one of the largest service providers in Austria, Energie Steiermark’s main focus is on energy efficiency and innovative service offerings in the fields of electricity, natural gas, heating and mobility. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency
EnergieAgentur GU GmbH The aim of the EnergyAgency GU is the efficient assistance in the implementation of the " energy and climate plan of Styria "; in terms of an economic, supply safe, clean and sustainable energy policy . Fernitz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Energieagentur Obersteiermark The Energy Agency Upper Styria offers consulting, energy concepts for buildings, companies, municipalities, regions; project development: biomass, biogas, solar, wind, small scale hydro power; energy efficient buildings, energy certificates for buildings. Zeltweg partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
ENERTEC Naftz & Partner GmbH & Co KG ENERTEC operates as a planning and consulting office in the area of thermal power engineering. Our services include consulting, planning, energy flow and weak point analyses, concept creation, surveys, expert opinion, project management, … Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Engineering Coatings Kollmann GmbH Engineering Coatings Kollmann GmbH deals with the development and construction of new coatings and innovative materials like catalytic cleantec® and based on this, the air cleaning unit catalytic cleantec AIR®. Kindberg partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_more
ensowa – innovation und umweltconsulting gmbh As a technical office for technical environment protection, ensowa provides qualified consultation and planning as well as innovative, customer-specific and sustainable solutions in the following fields: soil and water protection, energy (efficiency) Schäffern partner_type_energy partner_type_resources
EnviCare Engineering GmbH As an independent engineering company, EnviCare focuses mainly on waste water treatment, waste handling, renewable energies, e.g. biogas and energy efficiency. We have been providing innovative solutions based on our specific know-how since 1996. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Eologix Sensor Technology GmbH eologix is a young company developing smart surface sensors. The first product is a flexible, thin and wireless sensor for temperature measurement and icing detection directly on the surface of wind turbine rotor blades. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
EPCOS OHG Deutschlandsberg partner_type_efficiency
ERC Experience Research & Consulting
eSENSEial Data Science GmbH Leoben
ESTET STAHL- UND BEHÄLTERBAU GmbH We are well-known for our individual steel constructions, components production and turnkey construction projects. Furthermore, we produce and erect plants e.g. in the area of biogas. St. Michael partner_type_more
EUDT Energie- & Umweltdaten Treuhand GmbH What do we do? We develop and install high quality software solutions and complete systems. What are our core areas? Managing and monitoring energy and environmental data in companies - quite simply. Klagenfurt partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
EVK DI KERSCHHAGGL GMBH EVK develops and produces smart sensor systems including the control of ejection units for sensor-based sorting of bulk material. Technologies are hyperspectral-, colour- & inductive imaging; mainly for recycling of glass, metal, plastic, paper, e-wa Raaba partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
FCC Austria Abfall Service AG FCC Austria Abfall Service AG is a modern Austrian service company with a focus on waste management. Graz-Puntigam partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency
FDT Fassaden Design&Technik GmbH We are the specialist "rainscreen facades". Through us, cross-solutions are becoming reality. Schladming partner_type_building
ferroDECONT GmbH ferroDECONT GmbH offers solutions for the reclamation of existing waste deposits and for the treatment of heavy metal contaminated industry and process water. Leoben partner_type_resources partner_type_more
FH CAMPUS 02 – Institut für Innovationsmanagement The study Innovation Management at the University of Applied Sciences CAMPUS 02 in Graz: BACHELOR STUDIES INNOVATION MANAGEMENT: Industrial Engineer focusing on innovation MASTER STUDIES INNOVATION MANAGEMENT focusing "Innovation Leadership" Graz partner_type_more
FH CAMPUS 02 – Studienrichtung IT & Wirtschaftsinformatik The CAMPUS 02 is University of Applied Sciences of business for business and provides an industry-independent academic education and training, which is aligned along the value chain of companies. Graz partner_type_more
FH JOANNEUM GmbH Stg. Energie, Verkehrs und Umweltmanagement FH JOANNEUM is a University of Applied Science (UAS) located in Graz, Kapfenberg and Bad Gleichenberg; it is owned by the Government of the State of Styria. Kapfenberg partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
FH JOANNEUM, Institut Bauplanung und Bauwirtschaft Increasing demands on building quality, functionality and higher awareness of costs and environmental impacts are main tasks of the degree programmes and the applied research activities of the institute for Construction Design and Economics. Graz partner_type_building
Florian Lugitsch KG As energy experts, we take on energy supply and planning of electrical installations and operate as proven partners for trade and industry concerning control and automation technology. Feldbach partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources
FMC Technology GmbH The FMC Technology GmbH stands for environmental awareness, quality, trust and innovation. With the FMC system we consistently set new standards in plumbing technology . Sinabelkirchen partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Forschung Burgenland GmbH We do research to solve problems and improve people’s lives. Eisenstadt partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität – Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR gemeinnützige GmbH Austrian MobilityResearch (FGM-AMOR) is a research and consultancy organization in the field of sustainable mobility. We support clients and partners in designing their mobility in a more economically efficient and environmentally friendly way. Graz partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Frigopol Kälteanlagen GmbH; Frigopol Energieanlagen GmbH FRIGOPOL- One-stop solutions for ecofriendly and innovative cooling and heating. The productportfolio includes commercial and industrial refrigeration units as well as heat pumps with focus on highest energy efficiency. Frauental a.d. L. partner_type_efficiency
Grazer Energieagentur Ges.m.b.H. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency
GREEN ROCKET GmbH Green Rocket is the first and leading crowdfunding platform in Austria, which focuses on sustainable companies from the energy, environment, mobility and health sector. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Green Tech Solutions GmbH Here is the (energy) solution! The GREEN TECH Solutions GmbH from Fürstenfeld designs photovoltaic systems, develops LED street lighting and produces infrared heating systems. Fürstenfeld partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
GREENoneTEC Solarindustrie GmbH GREENoneTEC develops and produces the best solar thermal collectors and fixing systems in customized OEM versions. St. Veit/Glan
HBT Energietechnik GmbH Whether traditional PV facilities or innovative, patented products: Elegant and modern design is just as important to us as innovative technology and a high degree of functionality. Judenburg partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency
Holding Graz – Kommunale Dienstleistungen GmbH Webring you quality of life in the form of natural gas, heating,recreation, mobility, power, telecommunications, water and much more.Customer focus is our success. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
HYDROPLUS-Ingenieurbüro für Hydrogeologie und Projektmanagement e.U. Graz
i-n-stein Research & Development GmbH Graz
Ing. Matthias Binder We are an innovative company, focused on finding new ways for production and processes and solving production and process problems through optimisation and innovation. Main business activities: biofuels, biorefineries and industrial metals. Fernitz-Mellach partner_type_energy partner_type_resources
Industriellenvereinigung Steiermark – iv The Federation of Austrian Industry in Styria represents the interests of the regional industry and considers itself as the main driver for competitiveness of the location Styria. Graz partner_type_more
ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE – Ing. Leo Riebenbauer GmbH As a leading technical office for renewable energy with more than 200 local biomass heating stations implemented, we provide our clients with product development, planning and project management. Pinggau partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Ingenieurbüro für Gebäudesystem- & Elektrotechnik – Ing. Arnold STENGG We provide planning and supervision in the field of building systems and electrical engineering for your ‘intelligent’ property. We are your building technology service provider and KNX/EIB partner. Knittelfeld partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency
Innovative Light Design ILD presents LED luminaires and lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use according to your wishes and requirements. Vasoldsberg partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency
INTECO special melting technologies GmbH INTECO’s expertise and engineering qualities, as well as the offer of customized turn-key solutions have turned INTECO into the worldwide leader in the field of Special Metallurgy as well as the leader in quality terms in the field of Secondary Me Bruck an der Mur partner_type_resources
INTRATEC – HPG Informationstechnologie GmbH Intratec is a solution provider for the networked, distributed automation of manufacturing processes, quality management and process control, covering all levels from plant automation to management information. Graz partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Invenium Data Insights GmbH Using our innovative algorithms, we generate valuable insights from real-time data to answer the questions posed by our customers. Graz partner_type_building partner_type_more
IPUS Mineral- & Umwelttechnologie GmbH IPUS is a specialist in industrial services and in the development, production and sales of innovative mineral compounds for technical environmental applications. Rottenmann partner_type_more
ISOVOLTAIC AG ISOVOLTAIC is a world market leader in the development and production of backsheets for PV modules. ICOSOLAR® backsheets have the advantage of more than 25 years of experience, are extremely reliable and set higher standards than industry norms. Lebring - St. Margarethen partner_type_energy
JOANNEUM RESEARCH- DIGITAL – Institut für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien Graz
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is a leading international research organisation that develops solutions and technologies for businesses and industry covering a wide range of sectors. Graz partner_type_more
JOANNEUM RESEARCH- HEALTH – Institut für Biomedizin und Gesundheitswissenschaften Graz
JOANNEUM RESEARCH- MATERIALS- Institut für Oberflächentechnologien und Photonik Weiz
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz VR Finanzen, Ressourcen und Standortentwicklung The University of Graz, founded in 1585, is one of the most traditional and innovative universities in Austria. With 32,000 students and 4,100 employees the University is a driving force in Styria. Graz partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Know-Center GmbH Graz partner_type_more
KOMPTECH GmbH Komptech GmbH off ers leading technology for the mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source. Frohnleiten partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Kovac Management GmbH Kovac is a traditional family-owned company which deals with real estate and plans housing areas for smart cities as well as commercial and industrial real estate. Graz partner_type_more
Kummer & Cresnar KG Unternehmensentwicklung As experts in social processes and environment(s), we train in the areas of communication, leadership and motivation, and advise on (industrial psychological) questions about team/organisation development and human resources development. Hart-Purgstall partner_type_more
KWB Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse With its fully automatic biomass heating systems, KWB has for years focused its business on the use of renewable and efficient sources of energy. Heating with pellets, woodchip or firewood also opens up possibilities for achieving considerable savings. St. Margarethen an der Raab partner_type_energy partner_type_building
Lab 10 collective eG Graz partner_type_more
Land Steiermark – Abteilung 14 Wasserwirtschaft, Ressourcen und Nachhaltigkeit Department of Waste and Substance Flow Management Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark The Department of Energy and Biomass of the LK Styria offers comprehensive advice and know-how in the areas of biomass, biogas, energy efficiency and photovoltaic. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
LEDFORLIVING – intelligent light solutions Gleisdorf partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Montanuniversität Leoben- Lehrstuhl für Abfallverwertungstechnik und Abfallwirtschaft Chair of Waste Processing Technology and Waste Management of Montanuniversitaet Leoben (Austria) Leoben partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
LEVION Technologies GmbH LEVION Technologies, founded in 2014, is an innovative Austrian company that offers complete soft- and hardware solutions as well as consulting in projects. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Lieb Bau Weiz GmbH & Co KG After many years of involvement in the development and implementation of environmentally sustainable prefabricated houses, Lieb Bau Weiz has successfully created optimum solutions in the fields of low-energy and passive houses. Weiz partner_type_building
LSI Leistungsgruppe von Installateuren HandelsgesmbH LSI is a purchaser and stakeholder association for elected members in the fields of building services, with a focus on renewable energy, active solely within Austria. Voitsberg partner_type_building
M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH The disposal and preparation of different types of solid and liquid waste provide large logistical, technical and organizational challenges for cities and communes. M-U-T addresses precisely these issues and offers universal solutions from one source Stockerau partner_type_resources partner_type_more
meo Smart Home Energy GmbH meo - the energy manager for heating and electricity - optimizes your existing heating, achieves greater efficiency in renewable energy sources and a higher natural use of electricity with photovoltaic systems. Graz partner_type_building
Meskon Ltd. Graz
Messtechnik GmbH & Co KG Founded in Austria in 1973 as a traditional heating cost billing company, today we are recognised as an innovative group of companies focusing on providing economical solutions in the fields of heating, energy and water. Feldkirchen partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency
METEKA GmbH METEKA is the leading supplier of system solutions for the collection, transportation and disinfection/sterilization of infectious (health care) wastes. We also offer solutions for the sterilization of waste waters/liquids. Judenburg partner_type_resources partner_type_more
M&H CNC-Technik GmbH To meet the demands of the market we offer dimensionally accurate, sophisticated and complex item-made or small series. Ilz partner_type_more
Midea Austria GmbH Midea is a Chinese electrical manufacturer for household appliances and air conditioning, headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong. The company employs more than 125,000 people in 21 manufacturing plants with an annual turnover of 20 billion €. Lassnitzhoehe
Mindconsult & Research GmbH We take the best of experiences in regional development and customise and apply them to the challenges facing people living in these regions. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources
Montanuniversität Leoben – Ausseninstitut Montanuniversität Leoben ( is well-known as one of the best Universities in Austria and is undertaking high-quality research with a high number of national & international industrial partners. Leoben partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
MSG MySolar GmbH MySolar is the specialist in collector exchange and collector services and has expanded its offering to include new facilities and MySolar solar heating. Klagenfurt partner_type_energy
Müllex-Umwelt-Säuberung-GmbH As an innovative and forward-looking company, Müllex-Umwelt-Säuberung-GmbH based in Styria since 1980, has been providing its services in collecting, sorting and treating waste and valuable substances. St. Margarethen an der Raab
NAHTEC Nahwärmetechnologie & Anlagentechnik GmbH Our business is the field of environmental technologies and district heating plants, powered solely by renewable energy sources such as wood, straw, manure and solar. We offer our customers complete solutions at the highest technical level. Lebring partner_type_energy partner_type_more Energiecontracting GmbH Energiecontracting GmbH is an energy service provider, which in cooperation with local partners, erects and operates plants on the basis of renewable energy sources. In a nationwide network operates 48 locations for energy Graz partner_type_energy
neo – Natural Energy Organisation GmbH NEO supports you as your total solution partner. We integrate the „green philosophy“ in the entire life cycle of your company, your community or individual project, together with recognized experts and specialists. For more go to Feldkirchen bei Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
neovoltaic AG Our vision is a future, in which energy is only produced based on renewable energy sources. Therefore, energy is no longer exclusively produced by large corporations. Hartberg partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
Volterio REDEFINING CHARGING FOR E-MOBILITY Fully-Automatic. High Power Charging. Efficient. Affordable. Simply Retrofittable to Every Electric Vehicle. Graz partner_type_energy
ÖAG AG, Geschäftsbereich Kontinentale The ÖAG Kontinentale is the market leader in the supply of pipeline technology and fittings with close customer ties, serving commercial and industrial clients in the water supply and treatment sector, as well as in industrial pipeline construction f Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_more
ÖGUT Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik The Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) was founded in 1985 after the conflict over the Danube Hainburg power plant as a non-party platform for the environment, economy and administration. Wien partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency
OiER – Organisation für Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen OiER acts as an advisory and mediating link, which supports the exchange of information, identifi es and analyses opportunities and further links the private sector with international organisations and governments. Wien partner_type_energy
ÖKOCLUSTER – Büro Graz-Umgebung Development and implementation of regional multifunctional renewable energy-technology networks: We offer the consulting processing, the project development, technical planning and the implementation processing. The main focus is based on regional added v Hitzendorf partner_type_energy
ÖKOPLAN Energiedienstleistungen GmbH , Hartberg ÖKOPLAN deals with all the requirements of life and living, such as woodchip combustion, solar or district heating plants, rainwater utilization systems, small sewage treatment plants, biological building solutions or thermal imaging. Hartberg partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Ökosolar PV GmbH We provide you with complete support, from comprehensive advice to turnkey handover of solar power plants. Knittelfeld partner_type_energy
Österreichischer Biomasseverband The objective of the Austrian Biomass Association is to support and foster sustainable energy supply on the basis of biomass. Further focal points are public relations and a strong representation of all stakeholders on all levels. Graz partner_type_energy
Paul Kiendler – Verwaltungs GmbH Theregional energy service company supplies approximately 12,000households and 19 industrial plants with electricity from localwaters. Customer focus, transparency and openness, coupled withtransparent prices for electricity is one of the major strengths. St. Georgen a.d. Stiefing partner_type_energy
Perception Park GmbH Perception Park enables the industrial implementation of hyperspectral cameras for the broad machine vision community. Graz partner_type_more
Perhofer GesmbH – Alternative Heizsysteme The Perhofer company has been developing and producing innovative heating systems for renewable energy for more than 25 years. The results are high-quality products for generations. Birkfeld partner_type_energy partner_type_building
PERX KG Bautastisch is an online display- and advertising site specially for construction. You can buy or sell left building materials, used tools, machines or products for the garden. Hart bei Graz partner_type_building partner_type_resources
Pessl Instruments GmbH Pessl Instruments has produced cost-efficient, professional electronic weather stations, measuring instruments and warning devices for the environmental economy and agricultural sector for more than 30 years and as a result has become a leading Weiz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Pink GmbH As a supplier of complete solar heating and cooling systems and innovative energy storage solutions for biomass and solar systems we offer our customers first class service. Langenwang partner_type_energy partner_type_more
pink robin gmbh Feldkirchen bei Graz partner_type_resources
Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH PCCL is concerned with R&D in the field of polymeric materials for active and passive solar energy utilization, light-weight structures (e.g. e-mobility), sustainable water supply systems (pipes) and biopolymers. Leoben partner_type_energy
POWERIX e.U Highly specialized, we optimize your energy balance Graz partner_type_efficiency
pro aqua Diamantelektroden Produktion GmbH pro aqua is an industrial top-producer of boron-doped diamond electrodes. The company is specialized in the development and manufacture of flow-through-cells and systems in which boron doped diamond electrodes represent the core technology. Niklasdorf partner_type_more
PRO LEHM Frauwallner KG Lehmputze Naturbaustoffe As experts on indoor climate, we take on planning, production and plasterwork for ecologically healthy living. Furthermore, we handle the planning work for the ecological thermal insulation of both old and new buildings. Fehring partner_type_building
ProjectPlus crf GmbH Leoben partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
PROZESS OPTIMAL GNBR. Prozess Opimal was founded in 2007 as an engineering company for chemical process engineering. We are specialised in: process development and simulation, process optimisation, CFD modelling and chemical basic engineering. Vorau partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
PV-Photovoltaik Styria GmbH Implementing tailor-made solar energy solutions Providing economical and ecological benefits for the client and the society Stainz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
PVP Photovoltaik GmbH PVP Photovoltaik GmbH manufactures mono- and polycrystalline photovoltaic (pv) modules as well as special glass modules. The company is located in Styria - Austria. Wies partner_type_energy
qpunkt GmbH qpunkt provides innovative engineering services in the fields of thermal management, computational fluid dynamics, test bed engineering, component testing, design, acoustics and e-mobility. Hart bei Graz partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
GlobalLogic Company GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services leader that combines deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience to connect makers with markets worldwide. Bratislava partner_type_more
REDWAVE, a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH REDWAVE, a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder delivers advanced optical sorting machines and complete plant Solutions. REDWAVE grants highest recycling rates and maximum profit for your sorting plant. Gleisdorf partner_type_resources partner_type_more
REDWELL MANUFAKTUR GMBH Redwell Manufaktur GmbH is an Austrian company with specialisation in the development and production of high-class infrared heaters. Rotenturm an der Pinka partner_type_building
Reiterer und Scherling GmbH We provide consulting, design and project management for buildings and energy technology. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
Relas GmbH Our products and services provide information about the flow of energy and goods. We focus on an increase in efficiency of energy storage systems and the collection and visualisation of battery and vehicle data. Graz partner_type_efficiency
Rettig Austria GmbH Leading the way in Europe: VOGEL&NOOT is Europe‘s leading technology partner. The company sets technical standards and its broad product portfolio encompasses the fields of radiators, underfloor heating and chimneys. St. Barbara/ Mzt. partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency
rewaste gmbh – Umweltmanagement The combination of practical knowledge and academic expertise is the foundation of our business activities. Frohnleiten partner_type_resources
RM Umweltkonsulenten ZT GmbH The Ecoconsultants are a full service provider for expert services with regard to environmental issues. We support our clients in planning and executing their projects within the given legal environment. Frohnleiten partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Röhren- und Pumpenwerk Bauer Bauer is a leading manufacturing company in irrigation systems and slurry management technology. Additional production sites are located in Germany, Brazil, China and Slovakia. The company comprises 19 legal entities and employs more than 610 employe Voitsberg partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Roth Handel & Bauhandwerkerservice Gleisdorf
Rouge H2 Engineering GmbH Rouge H2 Engineering GmbH is an Austrian start-up company located in Graz. We are working on clean future energy solutions focusing on the production of hydrogen from renewable feedstock for Smart City integrations. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
S.O.L.I.D. Gesellschaft für Solarinstallation und Design mbH SOLID is specialized in Large Scale Solar Thermal and globally leading in large scale Solar Cooling. Clients usually have heating and/or cooling demands from 0.5 to 20 MWthermal. SOLID’s scope is consulting, planning, installation (and financing). Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_building
Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H The Sandvik site Zeltweg deals with the developmentand production of mechanical cutting machines and continuous excavation systems for international mining and tunnelling in the fields of mechanical cutting gear construction, engineering Leoben
Sattler AG – Rudersdorf Rudersdorf
Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX GmbH Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX GmbH deals internationally in the field of renewable energy. We manufacture gasholders, covers and lagoons on our production sites in Graz (AUT), Rudersdorf (AUT) and Greven (GER) for communal plants, agriculture and industry. Gössendorf partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
sattler energie consulting GmbH sattler energie consulting offers comprehensive solutions for improved energy efficiency for trade, industry and other large energy consumers. Many years of experience and an excellent team of technicians guarantee a sustainable reduction of energy costs. Gmunden partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency
Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG Saubermacher is Austria's leading international waste treatment and recycling company. Feldkirchen bei Graz partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Schaumann Bioenergy GmbH & Co KG Schaumann BioEnergy is the leading specialist in Biogas generation - from substrate preparation to fermenter biology. Brunn am Gebirge partner_type_energy
Schrott24 GmbH Schrott24 is helping scrap metal owners to maximize returns and scrap recyclers to fully utilize their capacity. We provide instant prices to sellers using advanced matching algorithms. Graz partner_type_resources
Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf Training Centre Fohnsdorf - We train professionals for the economy! In the areas of competence metal and electrical engineering, timber and construction, tourism and office, qualification measures for daily approx. 400 participantes are offered. Fohnsdorf partner_type_more
Science Park Graz GmbH Science Park Graz is an incubator for high-tech startups. Graz partner_type_more
SEC Sustainable Energy Concepts GmbH The SEC Sustainable Energy Concepts GmbH offers planning and implementation of photovoltaic power plant installations. Graz partner_type_energy
SECAR TECHNOLOGIE GmbH  Secar Technologie GmbH is highly specialized in the manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composite components. We process new materials such as carbon, glass and aramid fibres. Mürzzuschlag-Hönigsberg partner_type_efficiency
Nidec Global Appliance Austria GmbH Secop is the expert in advanced compressor technologies. Fürstenfeld partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
SFG – Steirische Wirtschaftsförderung Graz
SFL technologies GmbH SFL technologies is a multi-channel technology company with main focus on the integration of energy harvesting and energy optimisation technologies into buildings in order to enhance the performance of the building envelope at all. Stallhofen partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Siemens AG Österreich Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization and one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies. Graz partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Siemens AG Österreich Niederlassung Graz Graz
SINOplex Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H., Unternehmensberatung, Übersetzungsbüro SINOplex specializes in the Chinese market; we see ourselves as an intercultural bridge between Europe and China in the fields of industry, trade and services as well as for non-profit organizations. Graz partner_type_more
SPIN Tec GmbH Vorau partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Spirit Design – Innovation and Brand GmbH Spirit Design is an internationally leading strategic design company that accompanies clients in the development and implementation of the key strategies of innovation and branding, enabling them to sustainably master future challenges. Wien partner_type_energy
Spitzer GesmbH Our scope of operations includes planning services in industrial and mechanical construction, building and energy management, electrical engineering, environmental technology and research and development. Vorau partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Stadt Graz – Abteilung für Wirtschafts- und Tourismusentwicklung Office of Economic and Tourism Development Graz partner_type_more
Stadt Graz – Umweltamt Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
StadtLABOR Graz The City Lab is a research and innovation platform for issues relating to urban quality of life. We develop solutions for the diverse planning-related, technical, economic and social challenges of a sustainable city (“Smart City“). Graz partner_type_energy
Steiner Haustechnik Ges.m.b.H. & Co KG Steiner offers installations covering the entire range of building services for both old and new buildings. Gröbming partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
STENUM Unternehmensberatung und Forschungsgesellschaft für Umweltfragen mbH STENUM consultancy and research in environmental matters mbH advises businesses of all sizes from various sectors, public and private institutions, in Austria and internationally . Graz partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency
StepsAhead Energiesysteme GmbH StepsAhead specialises in optimized industrial cooling and heating solutions, delivering turnkey systems. Individually optimized systems using Absorption Heat Pumps or Chillers significantly increase the potential of usual energy recovery solutions. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
SunnyBAG GmbH SunnyBAG recharges your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, action cam...) wherever and whenever with solar energy! Graz partner_type_energy
SVI Austria GmbH SVI Austria is a 100% subsidiary of SVI Public Company Limited in Thailand, one of the top 50 EMS (electronics manufacturing services) providers worldwide, founded in 1985 and with more than 3,000 employees. Deutschlandsberg partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
T-B-L ENGINEERING e.U. T-B-L is a specialist with world-wide experience in the fields of waterdistribution networks and pipelines, wellfield devolpment, oil- and gas distribution networks and pipelines, generation, recovery and distribution of renewable energy. Graz partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
t-matix solutions gmbh t-matix solutions is the leading provider of flexible and independent IoT platforms (Internet of things) that can be individually adapted to your needs. Deutschlandsberg partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
TBH Ingenieur GmbH The TBH is a specialist in the field of building and energy technology and stands for energy efficiency and resource optimization. Innovative solutions and the rapid response to changing conditions are part of our daily work. Seiersberg-Pirka partner_type_energy partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
Techmeter GmbH Techmeter develops and applies datamining and scouting-algorithms to identify, filter and rank emerging technologies from patent-based dynamic network analysis. Our business model capitalizes on licensing-out our Innovation Portal and on consulting. Linz partner_type_more
Technologiezentrum Deutschlandsberg GmbH We offer entrepreneurs an attractive and comprehensive service. We support companies in critical phases such as formation, management and expansion. We offer the companies our skills in creativity, cooperation, business networking as well as in project de Deutschlandsberg partner_type_building partner_type_efficiency
TELE Haase Steuergeräte Gesm.b.H Wien partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
TERA TU Graz Students‘ organisation for efficient car technologies specialised in electric drive. Graz partner_type_resources partner_type_efficiency partner_type_more
TRIGON Entwicklungsberatung für Mensch und Organisation reg.Gen.m.b.H. TRIGON is a group of entrepreneurially active consultants who work on the basis of a comprehensive understanding and development of a holistic human and organizational image. Graz partner_type_more
TU Graz – european sustainable energy innovation alliance (eseia) Graz University of Technology (TUG) pursues top teaching and research in the fields of the engineering sciences and the technical-natural sciences. TUG has a clear focus on sustainable construction, energy and design and is THE hub for technological co-op Graz partner_type_building partner_type_more
UFH Holding GmbH Wien
UNTHA shredding technology GmbH UNTHA shredding technology develops and manufactures customised, reliable shredding systems that are used in a wide range of applications, from material recycling to the reprocessing of waste to produce alternative fuels. Kuchl partner_type_resources
UrbanGold GmbH Urban Gold stands for environmentally friendly recovery of precious and non-ferrous metals from electrical and electronic equipment. Leoben partner_type_resources
UTC Umwelttechnik und GeoConsulting ZT GmbH UTC stands for consulting and implementation of screenings as well as planning activities in the fields of environmental technology, chemistry, waste management, contaminated sites, landfills, soil, energy, construction, surveying and geo-information Frohnleiten partner_type_energy partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Verpackungszentrum Graz Inh. Susanne Meininger e.U. Wholesaler specialised in trading biogenic packaging materials. Research and development projects for new packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials: Net packaging made from cellulose, Alginsulate foam, Biopolymers. Graz partner_type_resources
Viribus Unitis Arbeitsgemeinschaft The very new company „Viribus Unitis Arbeitsgemeinschaft“ will be a high sophisticated mixture of international private and governed organisations who will be responsible for execution of project-planning and will co-ordinate the activities of the international syndicate. The agency consists of international shipping company owners, shipyards, credit institutes and private companies, who see as target the […] St. Ulrich/Waasen partner_type_resources
VTU Engineering GmbH VTU offers innovative, sustainable, engineered, and custom-designed turn-key solutions for performance-critical applications- from the initial idea to successful production. Our strength lies in the attention to and implementation of the overall conc Grambach / Graz partner_type_resources partner_type_more
Wallner & Schauer GmbH We provide solutions for sustainable corporate development: to position the enterprise sustainably with a new business model to increase management’s room for manoeuvre to make the enterprise more attractive to people  Our services include: CSR-Strategy: The logic underlying the products is critically analysed for long term success and integrated into all levels of strategy, management […] Laßnitzhöhe partner_type_energy partner_type_efficiency
Weiss Touristik, Weiss & Partner GmbH Our business is your business trip. Fürstenfeld partner_type_more
WINTERFACE GmbH WINTERFACE is the tailor-made façade solution for your building. Graz partner_type_building
WKO Steiermark We represent the styrian Businessmen an -women across the different sectors of environmental policies. Graz partner_type_more
XAL GmbH For more than 25 years, our passion has been the wonder of light. And for just as long, XAL has been synonymous with individual lighting solutions that combine advanced technology with excellent design. Graz partner_type_efficiency
Zellulosedämmstoffproduktion CPH Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG CPH is specialised in cellulose insulation in the field of energy-efficient building envelopes and is one of the biggest producers of cellulose insulation in Europe. Hartberg partner_type_building
ZUSER Unternehmensgruppe GmbH The companies of the ZUSER-Group employ more than 100 employees at the locations Peggau, Graz and Vienna and cover a wide range of waste disposal and recycling. Peggau