Interdisciplinary student hackathon GREEN TECH JAM

“Code & Concept for Green Tech“

Friday, March 25th & Saturday, March 26th online

Come and join us at Green Tech Jam 2022! We are looking for brainpowerd enthusiasts with a green heart and a passion for contributing to a sustainable, worth living future!
We prepared 6 challenges for the smartest and bravest of you – are YOU going to hack the Green Tech Jam 2022? The winning teams are awarded 5.000€! Use your know-how and skills to shape a sustainable future!

Be creative. Be green. Be a Green Tech Jammer!

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How this Jam works

Students from different disciplines (coders, designers, developers, engineers, environmental system scientists, …) in interdisciplinary teams are working on creative new solutions for the Green Tech sector. Green Tech Jammers rapidly prototype product/service designs and develop new ideas to foster growth in the green tech industry. The results are presented in 10 minutes pitches in front of a professional jury. Prize money is € 5,000 for the best solutions!

The challenges are provided by green tech experts who take challenges from everyday business life. You can register for the hackathon either alone or with friends. At the informal warm-up on March 24, you’ll get the chance to meet with other participants with whom you can solve your desired challenge.


Thursday, March 24th

17.00-18.00  meet other motivated talents and get familiar with the environment at the informal warm-up event (voluntary).

Friday, March 25th – Day 1

09:00-09:30  Check-in and get-together online
09:30-10.30  Green Tech Jam Announcements & Presentation of the Challenges
10.30-11.00  Group Forming & Pitches
11:00-23.59  Working on projects

Saturday, March 26th – Day 2

00:00-12:00  Working on projects
12:00-15:00  Deadline to create solutions and start with preparation of final pitches
15:00-17:00  Presentations – Each team has 10 minutes to do a short presentation

Erasmus and international students are welcome, as the Green Tech Jam is in English. All Green Tech jammers will be provided with food and drinks.

The Green Tech Jam 2022 is hosted by Johanna Pirker from the Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science, TU Graz, who has already organized several international game jams and hackathons. Forbes magazine lists her among the 30 most interesting minds from Europe under the age of 30. Further information about Johanna can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

„Jam“ is a reference to musicial jam session

The Green Tech Jam is a hackathon for the green-minded community where young talents and Green Tech companys are working on a worth living future.

  • Network with open minded people
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams
  • We´ll provide you with a wide variety of gadgets to boost your creativity
  • € 5000 for the winning teams
  • Get to know your future employer

The Green Tech Jam is an online event with different online platforms provided. We will start in with welcome, kick-off and group forming. You can then also choose to work in Discord / zoom / mural board or any other online tool – whatever suits your team best.

Go to the Join! button at the end of this page – participation is for free.

No, teams are formed at the first day – of course you can come with friends.

Although having computer skills is helpful, experience is not necessary. Designers, developers, engineers and environmental system scientists are welcome to try their hand at making new digital products or services for the green tech sector. Even if you have no experience at all, you can still participate by contributing ideas, playtesting, and giving moral support to your team.

No. Everyone is welcome (designers, developers, engineers, environmental system scientists, …). The main goal is bringing together a bunch of creative and talented people to work on creative new solutions.

Hosted by


Martina Schöneich
Green Tech Cluster
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Johanna Pirker
Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science
+43 (0) 316 873 5625

Angelika Wolf
CCCA Servicezentrum
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