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Green Tech Cluster Styria GmbH
Waagner-Biro-Straße 100
8020 Graz, Austria

Tel: +43 (0)316 40 77 44
Fax: +43 (0)316 40 77 44-4


    Ihre Green Tech Cluster Ansprechpartner



    Bernhard Puttinger
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-17
    Mobil: +43 676/42 65 016

    Martina Schöneich
    Projektleiterin Cluster-Services & Business Development
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-21

    Birgit Harg
    Projektleiterin Circular Solutions
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-13

    Johannes Kohlmaier
    Projektleiter Climate Solutions
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-14
    Mobil: +43 676/57 15 840

    Johann Koinegg
    Projektleiter Internationalisierung
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-22

    Silke Traunfellner
    Projektleiterin Kommunikation
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-16
    Mobil: +43 676/75 08 780

    Angela Reiter
    Projektleiterin TopRunner
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-18

    Sonja Kapfer
    Assistenz der Geschäftsführung
    Buchhaltung, Controlling
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-11

    Stefanie Muhri
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-15

    Bernadette Nestl
    Projekt TopRunner
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-19

    Barbara Zuber
    Projektleiterin Start-ups
    Tel.: +43 316/40 77 44-12


    International Cleantech Network (ICN)


    Mariyana Hamanova
    Cleantech Bulgaria
    Network for clean technologies, innovation and sustainable development in Bulgaria

    Olga Martinez
    Aclima, Spain
    Basque cluster for waste, contaminated soils, integrated water cycle, air and climate change, ecosystems, Eco-efficient Production and Eco-design.

    Eric Plan
    CleantechAlps, Switzerland
    Cluster for Photovoltaic, Hydraulic energy, Waste, Water, Smart grids, Energy efficiency, Eco-mobility and Enabling technologies in Western Switzerland.

    Rodrigo Espinosa
    Las Brusquitas, Argentina
    Cluster for Smart Citites & Harbours, Waste2Energy, Sustainable Building, Renewable Energy & Efficiency, Sustainable Tourism, Water and more in Argentina.

    Trygve A. Meyer
    Nordic Edge, Norway
    Cluster for smart cities and communities in Norway

    Jeanette Jackson
    Foresight, Canada
    Western Canada's technology innovation centre for Built Environment, Industriel Efficiency, Natural Resources, Energy, Transportation and Agri-Food.

    Elisabeth Logeais
    Tenerrdis, France
    Cluster for new energy technology industries and energy transition (Renewable energy sources, Energy grids & storage, Energy-efficient buildings).

    David Hutchinson
    Greentech South, Portsmouth
    Cluster with focus on Circular Economy, Environmental, Innovation, Low Carbon, Renewable Energies, SME Development and Transport and Logistics,...

    Michael Johansen
    CLEAN, Denmark
    Cluster for green and sustainable transition while realising growth for the cleantech sector in Denmark.

    Frederik Loeckx
    Flux50, Belgium
    Network for cross-cluster collaboration between energy, IT and building campanies to enhance the smart energy industry in Flanders.

    Denis Leclerc
    Écotech Québec, Canada
    Network with activies on Renewable energy, energy efficiency, Eco-mobility, Energy storage and distribution, Waste, Water, Green Chemistry, Air and Soil.

    Hakan Rosqvist
    Sustainable Business Hub, Sweden
    Cluster for smart sustainable cities including technologies of Energy & Efficiency, Waste & Wastewater Treatment, Green infrastructure in Sweden.

    Mike Mulcahy
    Green Cape, South Africa
    Cluster for Waste, Water, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Green finance, Bioeconomy, Industrial symbiosis, Sustainable agriculture,... in South Africa.

    Fred van Beuningen
    Clean Tech Delta, Netherlands
    Cluster with focus areas on circular economy and energy transition in South Holland.