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Net-zero Strategy Consulting
In the decades ahead, mankind is facing the carbon revolution – in combination with digitalization and decentralization of our societies. The carbon revolution is nothing else than a new industrial revolution reshaping our global economies. Visionary and consistent decarbonization strategies of companies, cities, municipalities, and other entities are the key for success. CARBON TURNAROUND is committed to support our clients with first class service to become leaders in the ongoing carbon revolution.
These services start by raising awareness about the exposed climate change business risk and proceed with solid decarbonization business strategies based on the point of departure of each client’s strength and competitive advantages.
There is no silver bullet for decarbonization: it must be tailor-made for each client by choosing the right combination of organizational, technological, and business model change for a sound transition of business towards carbon neutrality.
For the implementation of decarbonization strategies, independent strategic and technical carbon engineering consulting is as essential as the design of climate resilient business models avoiding climate harmful rebound effects. For independent net-zero strategy consulting, CARBON TURNAROUND is your right partner!

Net-zero Engineering Consulting

As specialized consulting engineers, we follow a strictly solution-driven approach to solve the decarbonization and sustainability challenges of our clients. Costumer involvement and satisfaction is the core of our work methodology in order to identify and implement ideal solutions that fit the net-zero carbon strategy of our clients.
After a profound assessment of the current situation and after the collection and analysis of available data, we map out the technological opportunities available to solve the existing challenge. In a costumer-orientated co-creation process together with the client, we develop no-regret solutions that match our costumers’ KPIs and strategic orientation. We support internal stakeholders in the decision-making process to provide a transparent assessment for go/no-go decisions. As end-to-end net-zero engineering consultants, we accompany our clients also during the financing phase, and we take over the project implementation phase until a successful handover of the project to our clients.
This completely independent approach in close cooperation with our clients guarantees the identification of long-lasting best-fit solutions for our clients’ sustainability transformation.

Project Development & Management
Low and zero carbon technologies will be the technological winners of the ongoing carbon-driven industrial revolution which our economic system is facing. Renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency, smart city solutions, e-mobility and other cleantech solutions – they will all shape the future of the technological landscape of a net-zero carbon society. Sustainable solutions require a holistic view in order to be imbedded in their local context by considering their interrelation with all prevailing factors. By definition, CARBON TURNAROUND follows an interdisciplinary approach in order to develop low carbon projects in a much more integrated way, thus avoiding negative side effects of biased solutions. We aim to develop solutions with real sustainability impact by contributing to a permanent transformation of our clients’ business. Our team has a long track record of successful sustainability projects in complex settings – to the costumers’ full satisfaction. Our 5-step co-creation approach, solution-driven and costumer-orientated, allows us to find the ideal solution that fits our clients’ needs and at the same time guarantees maximum environmental impact. This costumer-orientated, multidisciplinary practice makes us your perfect partner for impactful sustainability transformation project development and management.

Business Development
CARBON TURNAROUND relies on a truly interdisciplinary and international team with longstanding experience in international business development and project implementation. We have a tight network of contacts in Europe and Latin America – in diverse industries such as energy utilities and renewable energy IPPs (Independent Power Producers), mining, forestry, agroindustry, pulp & paper and others. Our team has a significant track record in the business development and implementation of projects in these and other sectors. We offer tailor-made solutions to expand our clients’ business into these new markets in order to contribute to a sustainable growth of their companies and to make an important contribution to transform these economies in a sustainable way. Developing countries are eager to implement low and zero carbon technologies, but very often they do not fully understand the availability and usability of such new technologies.

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