SUP-Smart Urban Park System

Innovative, fully automated subterranean parking facility with e-charging function and control-app.

Are you still just parking or are you letting your garage park for you yet?
The new Smart Urban Park System is a future-oriented, emission-free and easy to construct parking system with a car parking capacity of 200 to 400 spaces, ideally suited for congested city centers. It will be available in a junior, master and senior variation and scores with its sophisticated e-mobility focus, complete C02 neutrality, easy maintenance and fast construction phase.

That’s how simple parking will be in the future. Getting in and out of the vehicle will take place in the access area of the SUP®, so the vehicle will already be turned over to the intelligent garage aboveground. An up to fourfold lift system guarantees a fast, fully automatic parking process as well as a prompt return of the vehicles to the surface. You can easily control the parking process yourself; an app developed by the Styrian company Accessio handles the logistical aspects. If you want your vehicle back, you enter the command via your smartphone or smartwatch. The app then provides precise information on when the car is ready to be picked up. If you are running late, the car is automatically parked again.

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