Webinar: How to apply the multi-actor approach in Cluster 6 proposals

Officers from European Commission will help you in better understanding the MAA concept.

4. Dezember 2023
9.30 bis 12.00 Uhr

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The main topic of the CARE4BIO online training is the multi-actor approach MAA, which is not only an additional eligibility criterion in Cluster 6 proposals but also an opportunity to achieve better and more effective project results. This training is open CL6 applicants and NCPs.

The multi-actor approach aims to make the R&I process and its outcomes more reliable, demand-driven, shared and relevant to society. It also aims to have these outcomes shared more extensively. A multi-actor project should ensure the genuine and sufficient involvement of a targeted array of actors, which serves the objectives of the topic.

The training will explore in depth the definition of the multi-actor approach concept, how the multi-actor approach aims to strengthen the process of ‘co creation’ in the development of a project proposal and how the application of this criteria allows practitioners and (end) users to be involved, not as a study-object, but to use their practical and local knowledge and/or entrepreneurial skills to develop solutions and create ’co-ownership‘ of results for (end-) users and practitioners.

During the two hours training, officers from European Commission will help us in better understanding the MAA concept, experiences will be shared and analyzed as good practice to understand how to build a good Horizon Multi Actor Approach.

You can find more detailed information and the agenda HERE.  

Deadline for the registration is 3th of December 2023 @ 3 pm (CET).


Serena Borgna
Cluster 6 (Care4Bio)
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