Waste as a Resource


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Datum: 02. – 03.06.2015
Ort: (ES) Bilbao, Steiermark
Adresse: Avda. Abandoibarra 3, (ES) Bilbao

Welcome to Bilbao Waste to Energy 2015 Brokerage Event


Within the Framework of the Bilbao International Waste to Energy conference 2015 , ACLIMA with the support of SPRI and Basque Enterprise Europe Network organizes a brokerage event focused Waste to energy.

The Bilbao International Waste to Energy Conference is organized under COOLSWEEP project, with the aim of o identify synergies and set up partnerships within the field of waste-to-energy this conference will take place in Bilbao from 2th to 3th of June 2015. This conference will therefore gather the global Waste to Energy community, including reference companies, associations, researchers, and policymakers.

This Brokerage Event provides companies, corporations, researchers and investors the right contacts to seize the opportunities and build collaboration across the borders. You can identify innovative technologies and find new solutions for existing problems. By participating B2B Networking you will get access to extensive technology expertise and new business channels and select your face2face meetings in advance by creating an online profile.

The search for partners for future calls for R & D will be a specific area of interest in this brokerage event, as during the conference different proposals will be presented, for the creation of consortia related to technology development and innovation on Waste to Energy.

If you´re looking for technological or commercial opportunities in the field of Waste to energy undoubtedly Bilbao will be the right place.

Main topics

  • Technologies for waste collection and sorting

  • Incineration and co-incineration

  • Pyrolisis

  • Gasification

  • Landfill Gas Recovery

  • Anaerobic Digestion

  • Biofuel Production from Waste

  • Management of By- products of WtE

  • Production of refused derived fuels/specified recovered fuel

Why to participate

  • Showcase your most favourable projects, products or know-how

  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations

  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners

  • get latest information on Waste to energy related research findings

  • Present, discuss and develop new project


  • Latest trends in Waste to Energy

  • Short, sharp 20 minute meetings to foster effective networking

  • Get to know key R&D players offering services to companies

  • Get your problem solved – Matching organizations offering or seeking solutions

How does it work?

  1. Register and publish your organizational focus and collaboration wishes

  2. Send, receive and validate meeting requests once booking is opened

  3. Your personal meeting schedule will be ready one week before

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