TRA Vienna 2018

Warp-Innovation Boost Camp


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Datum: 14. - 16.04.2018

Ort: Campus of the University of Business and Economics Vienna

Veranstalter: Warp-Innovation


TRA2018 will have a focus on Startups in the transport and mobility sector and present several pitchings, matchmaking events and startup exhibitors.


Prior to TRA
Creating enduring scenarios for successful growth of emerging organisations, their founders and stakeholders is our passion. During 14th and 16th April we conduct this challenging Boost Camp together with max. ten teams – founders and their co-founders, entrepreneurs and makers with business ideas, services and / or products relevant for transportation or triggering transportation.

A cross-organisational decision team will select three teams to present and pitch their business at the stage in the Interactive Zone.


Highlight at TRA
We therefore welcome selected founder teams on the stage in the Interactive Zone, having passed our Warp-Innovation Boost Camp prior to the TRA conference and pitching their business ideas 19th April noon time in order to convince representatives of service companies and investors for engaging in joint growth of the entrepreneurial initiative.

Find out more about the Boost Camp here  or contact Gertrude Neubauer.



Gertrude Neubauer
Warp-Innovation OG
+43 676 97 46 551

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