The International Summit of New Environmental Protection Technology 2017


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Datum: 05. – 06.06.2017

Ort: Nanjing International Expo Center



Über die Veranstaltung

Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department (JSEPD) is under preparation of The International Summit of New Environmental Protection Technology 2017 on the coming June 5-6, held in Nanjing International Expo Center, which is the 8th event since 2009, to facilitate the exchange of environmental technologies between users and suppliers. The summit will be jointly hosted by Ministry of environmental protection of China (MEPC) and People’s Government of Jiangsu Provincial, and be jointly organized by JSEPD and department of science, technology and standards of MEPC this year.

The conference will follow the 2016 model by organizing product/technology exhibition, workshops and matchmaking meetings at the same time. So far, over 450 Jiangsu industries express environment protection technology request in various areas including VOC control,dust and odor treatment,hazardous waste disposal and comprehensive utilization of solid waste, heavy metal contaminated site remediation, sludge treatment, power plant wastewater zero discharge and ultra-low emission technology, advanced treatment of high-concentrated, high-salt, and/or acid/alkali contained wastewater, as well as other wastewater and waste gas control technologies.

To ensure the quality of enterprises and promote the level of summit, the organizer will charge for venue fees (for details see attachment). No service fees and catalog cost will be charged for participating enterprises, but booth decoration fees are not included.

Further information can be found in the program.
Link to the event.



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