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Datum: 05. – 08.04.2004
Ort: Damascus (SYR), Steiermark
Adresse: New Damascus International Fairground, Damascus (SYR)
The Syrian Int´l Environment Exhibition, Damaskus (Syrien)

The end of the previous century witnessed a significant change in the way environmental related issues are conceptualized. The introduction of Agenda 21 has challenged the conventional wisdom that limited environmental preservation responsibilities to the developed countries by stressing on the importance of transferring environmental sound technologies and the corresponding know-how to the developing countries that are witnessing higher level of industrialization and growth.

Since the beginning of 1990s, the Middle Eastern governments have started to take the first steps towards preserving their national environments through establishing devoted ministries, higher councils, dedicating funds for environmental protections, and issuing standards and regulations to monitor the environmental performance of their national industries. At the same time, international organizations have started to play major roles in this domain by building the needed awareness, providing consultation, and funding to vital environmental areas.

Having spent more than a decade learning about the environment and gathering the international support to face its related challenges, the Middle Eastern governments have started to take serious steps to fully implement the internationally recognized regulations on their vital industries and national utilities. For instance, the year 2002 represented a hallmark in the Syrian Environmental history through the introduction of the Syrian Law of the Environment.

This dramatic change of the environmental concept has resulted in the dedication of more investments and funds for environmental matters. Regional industries related to both, public and private sectors will soon have to resort to all kinds of environmental products and services to meet with the new national legislations as well as meeting the necessary international requirement for competing at the international level.

Throughout its four days, SYRENVIRO 2004 will be the first place ever in Syria to focus on environmental related products and services and introduce them to a finely selected specialized audience including senior government officials, regional industrialists, businessmen, Environment activists, NGOs representatives, experts, academics, and diplomats.

We hope to have the pleasure of having you among our valuable participants and please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information about SYRENVIRO 2004


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