Symposium: Integrated Design of Solar Technologies (Solar Freiburg 2004)


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 29.08. – 04.09.2004
Ort: Freiburg (D), Steiermark
Adresse: Freiburg, Freiburg (D)
Architects & engineers are invited to this ISES Solar Academy. Knowledge of building design is essential. At this event you will attend lectures and work in a design workshop, learning about the integrated design of renewable energy technologies & solar architecture in a temperate to cold climate.

Description / table of contents
Informative lectures by European energy and solar building experts
* active and passive solar technologies – state-of-the-art
* energy use in buildings and energy efficiency
* integrated design of renewable energy technologies

Practical design studio session – group work under guidance of experienced mentors

Technical tour to selected solar buildings in Freiburg

Technical exhibition of solar energy products

The Scientific Coordinator is Robert Hastings, Dipl. Arch. SIA (Architecture, Energy & Environment GmbH),
a well-known solar architect and Task Leader of the IEA SHC Task 28 – Sustainable Solar Buildings.

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Project Coordinator: Maryke van Staden
Project Unit
International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
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79115 – Freiburg
Tel: +49 761/459 0693
Fax: +49 761/459 0699

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