SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FINANCE – Creating the climate for change


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 01. – 02.06.2004
Ort: Bonn (D), Steiermark
Adresse: Post Tower, Bonn (D)
SEFI is a platform for providing sustainable energy financiers with the tools, support and networks needed to drive the cycle of financial innovation focused on a greening of the energy mix. SEFI serves to:
• provide current and targeted information to financiers,
• facilitate networks of the first movers to address jointly specific issues of concern, and
• catalyse public/private partnerships for launching innovative financial products and services.

SEFI is a joint initiative of UNEP’s Energy Unit, UNEP Finance Initiative and BASE.


Environmental Finance
22-24 Corsham Street
Tel.: +44 207/251 9151
Fax: +44 207/251 9161

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