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Datum: 02.03.2006
Ort: (A) Wels, Steiermark
Adresse: Stadthalle Wels, (A) Wels
New business opportunities and markets – marketing, financing and sales of innovative products and services – networks, clusters and partnerships – support programmes for innovative products and companies – regional employment and added value

Growing markets for renewable energy and energy efficiency offer enormous opportunities for new products and services. How can businesses make the most of these opportunities? How can they meet the simultaneous challenges of product and human resources development, of raising capital and of setting-up sales channels? The seminar addresses these questions and also how green energy business development can be supported by programmes, networks and public initiatives and how co-operation and partnerships can create regional development and employment.

Conference topics:
new business opportunities and markets
– networks, clusters, partnerships
– marketing and awareness raising for green energy and energy efficiency
– capital and financing for new enterprises and products
– programmes and initiatives to support new products and services on local, regional, national, European and global levels
– regional development, employment and added value through sustainable energy production and use

Preis: 50,- Euro (exkl. 10% MWSt.)

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