Renewable Energy 2008 (RE2008)


Allgemeine Information

Datum: 13. – 16.10.2008
Ort: (KR) Busan, Steiermark
Adresse: BEXCO & Nurimaru, Busan, Korea, (KR) Busan

RE2008 is an International Conference and Exhibition for the advancement of renewable energy technology and industry. The Event was successfully started in Tokyo, Japan in 2006 (RE2006) and was decided to continue at every two years.

For the last few decades, we have been faced with the important matters which are securing an everlasting clean source of energy and preserving the environment of the earth for the better future.

The Goal is to build a international cooperation for the sustainable world. Also, this will be a good opportunity to cultivate the technology of the renewable energy and to expand its applications. RE2008 will provide a great opportunity to exchange the research ideas and practices in the cutting-edge area in renewable energy from all over the world.

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