RecyclingTALK #1 – Trials Driving Development


Join our live session, where we will give you an inside view of the latest developments at the ANDRITZ Recycling Technology Center and tell you how new products and innovative digital solutions can help you to prepare for the future.

Discover the world of research and development and learn more about:

  • the latest insights and trial opportunities at the ANDRITZ Recycling Technology Center and the Digital Waste Research Lab of the University of Leoben,
  • the innovative ADuro S shredder and its latest digitalization features,
  • future trends in the recycling industry,
    and how you can meet European recycling targets.


  • Welcome and opening interview
    by Franz Frühauf and Michael Waupotitsch 
  • Challenge the status quo – the latest development work at the ANDRITZ Recycling Technology Center”
    by Anastasia Zefkili
  • “ADuro S shredder – setting new standards with innovative, digital solutions”
    by Thomas Gemeiner 
  • “How to meet European recycling targets”
    by Prof. Roland Pomberger
  • Closing address

Find more information here.


Bettina Knaflitsch
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